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Microsoft Surface Laptop ➝

This is the best windows laptop I’ve ever seen. But unfortunately, it’s in a form factor I’m no longer interested in and runs an operating system that I don’t want to use. In recent years I’ve realized that there’s only room for two categories of non-pocketable machines in my life — a high-powered desktop with a large screen, a role that will likely be filled by an iMac in the near future, and an iPad. I don’t even want a laptop anymore.

As for the operating system, I switched from Windows to macOS in 2006 and never looked back. Without some drastic changes to the third-party software ecosystem and user interface, I don’t think I’d consider using it unless I was given no other option.

Microsoft Announces Surface Pro 3 ➝

12-inch display, multi-position kickstand, 9-hours of battery life, pricing starting at $799, with preorders starting tomorrow morning.

I don’t see anything in this product that would make me want to buy it. If I was an artist that worked digitally the Surface Pen features might be compelling. But, I’m not. And, I’d rather spend my money on an iPad.

Doesn’t Everyone Want a Surface Pro Now? ➝

I don’t know what I’ve been doing without a stylus all these years.

MG Siegler on Surface for Windows RT ➝

MG Siegler:

After using it for over a week now, it’s hard to come up with a lot of nice things to say about the Surface. Don’t get me wrong, there are some solid things here. But by and large, it’s a strange, buggy, and clunky product that I simply can’t imagine many people buying after the initial hype wears off.

Hype? Not in the circles I frequent.

Problems Surface ➝

MG Siegler on the problem with the Microsoft Surface:

First of all, for everything Microsoft did show off yesterday they left out some of the most important details. Namely, the price and the release date. Microsoft is once again late to this game. Every day wasted is a day further behind — and a further day closer to the next iPad.

The biggest problem I see with the Surface is that it will have to compete more with the next iPad than the current one. And, Microsoft doesn’t actually know what the next iPad will feature. Why wouldn’t they wait until September to announce it with it in stores just a week or two later?

I’d like to see some real competition for the iPad, but I’m skeptical that Microsoft has it with their Surface without some major changes to the way their doing things.

It’s also worth noting the differences between “Surface for Windows RT” and “Surface for Windows 8 Pro.” From Siegler’s aforelinked piece:

What are there differences? There’s quite a few actually. The biggest is that one works on ARM chips (RT) and one works on Intel chips (8 Pro). But they’re also different sizes, different weights, have different displays, different inputs, different release dates, and run different OSes — and thus, different apps.

Good luck with all that.