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Peek Performance ➝

A great overview of the announcements at yesterday’s Apple event by my buddy Matt Birchler, writing for The Sweet Setup. Of the lot, the Mac Studio and Studio Display are the most interesting to me.

With the Mac Studio, Apple basically gave us the $2,000 Mac Pro that I had hoped for over the past few years. It has a ton of I/O, powerful components, and a quiet cooling system. It’s a shame I’m not in the market for something like this at the moment — I bought a Mac Mini last year — because I probably would have ordered one.

The only downside to this machine, for my usage, is the chassis. I want Apple to make a relatively affordable Mac with internal expandability again. I don’t want a bunch of permanently attached, external peripherals. I want room for internal hard drives and all the expansion cards I could ever need.

As for the Studio Display, I’m not much of an external display guy. I find large displays to be a bit unwieldy for my workflows and I appreciate the focus that a smaller monitor encourages. I almost exclusively work from my 13-inch MacBook Pro’s built-in display. If I was in the market for an external option, though, I think I’d want something in the 24-inch range.

Why can’t Apple build more than a single display offering? Why can’t they use the same panel in the 24-inch iMac in an external display? Something that would look great as a secondary monitor next to the 24-inch iMac. Something that folks with smaller desks might find a bit more comfortable to connect their laptop to. Something that’s priced in the slightly more affordable $1,200 range. Why can’t Apple build something like that anymore?

➝ Source: thesweetsetup.com