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Thoughts on the Sport Loop Band ➝

Steven Aquino:

From an accessibility perspective, what makes the Sport Loop shine is the “hook-and-loop” fastening mechanism. Getting the Apple Watch on and off is effortless, at least for me. There are no pins to deal with, like on the Sport or nylon bands—all you do is pull the band so it’s as tight as you want and simply press it against the other side to close. Although I’ve grown adept at getting my Sport and nylon bands on my wrist successfully, there’s a fluidity to using the Sport Loop that my other bands can’t match. And it’s all due to the Velcro, which is a highly accessible material. Its appeal is further boosted by the fact this Velcro is the nicest I’ve ever seen. Velcro is decidedly more utilitarian than elegant, but Apple made it both.

Apple’s woven nylon bands have been my favorite since they launched last year. The material is far more breathable, comfortable, and lightweight than any of the other bands that I’ve tried. The Sport Loop features all of those same attributes with the easy to use hook-and-loop fastening mechanism. I expect I’ll be adding the Sport Loop to my Christmas list this year — as long as I don’t buy myself one in the meantime.

Clips Is Fun to Use ➝

Steven Aquino:

For as much as video has eluded me, there’s no denying Clips is fun to use. There’s a playfulness about it that makes me want to open the app and explore its depths. Clips is well-polished (more on the UI later) and more obvious (to me) than something like Snapchat. Whereas Snapchat’s features and layout feel completely alien to me, Clips has a decidedly straightforward feel to it that I grok instantly. This isn’t to say the interface is perfect, but that I feel more or less comfortable with Clips is a critical aspect of why the app has appeal. I’m drawn to it because it’s approachable.

My wife and I spent this past weekend visiting family in Pennsylvania. During our trip, we shot a lot of video with the Clips app. We made silly five second joke videos, one minute videos documenting our afternoon playing miniature golf, and everything in between. My admiration for this app has not subsided since I first launched it ten days ago — Clips is fantastic.

Steven Aquino Shares His First Impressions of the Apple AirPods ➝

Steven Aquino:

My overall take after a few days with them is short: It’s a great product. They’re yet another example of quintessential Apple—the weaving of hardware and software that works so well you’d swear it’s due more to wizard-like magic than it is to bonafide engineering prowess.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these.