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Apple Unifies Developer Accounts ➝

Steve Sande, writing for Apple World Today:

Now, for just US$99 per year, developers get access to beta releases and SDKs for OS X, iOS and watchOS. For those of us who used to spend $198 annually to maintain both dev accounts, this is a welcome piece of news.

Alongside this change, developers can no longer build Safari extensions for free. Unfortunately, a paid developer account is now required.

Scheduling an Apple Watch Try-On Appointment ➝

Steve Sande shows you how to schedule an Apple Watch try-on appointment in Apple’s online store or the Apple Store app. Depending on how my weekend schedule lines up (and whether or not I really want to take a 2+ hour drive), I might make an appointment for this Sunday.

Apple World Today ➝

Forgive me for neglecting to link to the spiritual successor of TUAW, Apple World Today. The new site, written and produced by Steve Sande, Dave Caolo, and Kelly Hodgkins, launched earlier this month and is being partial supported by readers on Patreon.

I subscribed to the RSS feed as soon as the site launched and encourage you to do so as well.