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Proton Acquires Standard Notes ➝

Cindy Harper, writing for Reclaim the Net:

The Switzerland-based firm, Proton, known for its focus on privacy, has made a key addition to its suite of applications by acquiring the note-taking app Standard Notes. Originally founded in 2017, Standard Notes has since been offering its users an equally robust privacy promise through the use of end-to-end encryption (E2EE). […]

Proton assured that Standard Notes, accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms, will maintain its open-source nature and will continue to be fully supported. The company also stated that Standard Notes’ current pricing would remain unchanged, and pledged to honor any existing five-year subscription plans.

It’s a shame they won’t be changing the pricing for Standard Notes. It’s a nice product, but if I were to use it, I’d want some of the features on the paid plan. And $90 per year is just a smidge too much for me to spend on a notes app.

➝ Source: reclaimthenet.org