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Multi-Tasking on the iPad Is Actually Pretty Great ➝

Josh Ginter:

Certain apps work better than others inside the Slide Over deck, and when they’re optimized, their convenience is unmatched. I keep a calculator app in Slide Over at all times, I keep an iteration of all messaging apps in Slide Over, and I like to keep an iteration of the Files app available at all times. These kinds of “in-and-out” apps are exceptional for Slide Over.

I’m really underutilizing Slide Over.

➝ Source: thenewsprint.co

‘Google’s iOS Apps Are No Longer Great’ ➝

Federico Viticci is disappointed with the state of Google’s iOS apps. Specifically with the lack of Slide Over and Split View support for many of their apps on the iPad.

I can’t say it’s effected me much. YouTube and Google Photos are the only Google-developed applications I have installed on my devices. I wish YouTube had picture-in-picture support, but there’s plenty of third-party implementations. As for Google Photos, I rarely open the app. It usually just runs silently in the background, uploading any new photos I take.

Sidefari, a Web Browsing Companion for iPad ➝

A neat little iPad app that uses iOS 9’s Safari View Controller and Slide Over to easily display two webpages at once. This has already made drastic changes to my Linked List-writing workflow — the process feels much more natural now. And I no longer need to keep jumping between tabs for references or to copy and paste author names and quotes.