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Recording Podcasts on iOS ➝

Jason Snell, writing on Six Colors:

In the meantime, there is a way to make a Skype call and also record on a high-quality microphone using only iOS. It’s just kind of ridiculous: You make the Skype call on your iPhone, presumably with iPhone earbuds or other compatible headphones with a microphone, while sitting in front of an iPad that’s attached to a microphone and recording locally. The people on Skype hear your bad microphone, but your good microphone is what gets used on the actual podcast.

I think it would be wise for Microsoft to build call recording capabilities into Skype for iOS. I get the feeling there’s an awful lot of podcasters that would just love to simplify their workflows onto their iPads or iPhones.

Why Microsoft bought Skype ➝

Robert X. Cringley:

Were Google to buy Skype they’d convert those 663 million Skype subscriptions to Google Voice and Gmail and in a swoop make parts of Yahoo and MSN irrelevant. They’d build a brilliant Skype client right into the DNA of Android, draining telco revenue and maybe killing smaller players like Windows Phone. They’d cut deals with equipment makers like Cisco (Linksys) and NetGear and steal voice revenue from telcos and cable companies alike. That’s all Redmondesque behavior and if anyone is going to be behaving that way, Ballmer feels, it had darned well better be Redmond.

Microsoft bought Skype so that Google couldn’t buy Skype.

Microsoft Acquires Skype for $8.5 Billion ➝


Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer clinched the $8.5 billion all-cash agreement May 9, just more than a month after his initial overture to private equity firm Silver Lake, one of Skype’s biggest owners, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the talks were private.

Microsoft Near Deal to Buy Skype for Nearly $8 Billion ➝

Anupreeta Das and Nick Wingfield, reporting for the Wall Street Journal:

At a value close to $8 billion, the Skype deal would rank as the biggest acquisition in the 36-year history of Microsoft, a company that traditionally has shied away from large deals. In 2007, Microsoft paid approximately $6 billion to acquire online advertising firm aQuantive Inc. Many current and former Microsoft executives believe Microsoft significantly overpaid for that deal. But they are also relieved that Microsoft gave up on an unsolicited $48 billion offer for Yahoo Inc. nearly three years ago. Yahoo is valued at half that sum today.

I don’t understand why Microsoft would be willing to pay so much for a service that loses money and doesn’t seem to have anything that Microsoft couldn’t build themselves for much less than $8 billion. Even the possibility of a simple talent acquisition seems out of the question. I’m certain Microsoft could poach their best developers for far less than $8 billion.

(Via Daring Fireball.)