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John Markoff and Members of the Original iPhone Team at the Computer History Museum ➝

The segment that everyone’s talking about, the conversation with Scott Forstall, starts at one hour and seven minutes. By all accounts, this was a great interview. I look forward to watching it later tonight.

Scott Forstall Publishes His First Tweet ➝

Scott Forstall on Twitter:

I’m thrilled to be co-producing the Broadway musical Fun Home funhomebroadway.com opening this Sunday. Bravo to the phenomenal team!

I’m happy to see him take a step back into the public eye and I hope this is just the first of many post-Apple projects for him.

Forstalled ➝

John Gruber on the ousting of Scott Forstall:

Forstall is not walking away; he was pushed. Potential factors that worked against Forstall: his design taste, engineering management, abrasive style, and the whole iOS 6 Maps thing. I also wonder how much Forstall was effectively protected by his close relationship with Steve Jobs — protection which, obviously, no longer exists.

Tim Cook isn’t above making mistakes — he’s the one who brought on John Browett — but I have a feeling that this was the right move for the company. And, Jony Ive will do a great job overseeing all product design, hardware and software.

Jobs, Schiller, and Forstall Talk About Location Data ➝

Ina Fried interviewed Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller, and Scott Forstall regarding the recent iPhone location data concerns. It’s a good interview and worth reading all the way through.