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Dropping ‘Hey’ From ‘Hey Siri’ ➝

Mark Gurman, writing on Twitter:

One item I haven’t mentioned in a while has been a major project to drop the “Hey” from “Hey Siri.” I’d look out for that possibility next week.

I’ve already disabled “Hey Siri” on all of my devices because the only time I ever invoke it is accidental. I can’t imagine this change improving the situation.

➝ Source: twitter.com

Apple Testing iPhones With USB-C Ports ➝

“People with knowledge of the situation” is a pretty loose citation, but Mark Gurman’s track record is pretty darn good. Along with what feels like everyone else on the planet, I would love to see the iPhone move to USB-C. Lightning is a better connector in a lot of ways, but having a single cable type for all of my devices would be so much nicer.

➝ Source: bloomberg.com

Mac Studio and Display Design ➝

Luke Miani seems to have the scoop on what to expect in Apple’s event later today. The new Mac Mini-like machine is the most interesting of the bunch to me and I’m excited to see the full details from Apple. Although I’m not in the market for one at the moment, I would always love to have a more powerful home server.

➝ Source: m.youtube.com

Apple Readies Mac Upgrades With Faster Chips ➝

Mark Gurman, reporting for Bloomberg:

Apple has also been working on a more powerful version of the Mac mini (code name J374) with the same chip as the next MacBook Pro. It’s expected to have four ports versus the pair available on the current low-end version and to sit above the current entry-level M1 Mac Mini. Apple could delay or cancel the new mini’s launch — as it has in the past — but eventually the company will likely replace the Intel-equipped version it now sells.

The “get out of jail free” caveat bugs me a bit, but hopefully that’s more Bloomberg hedging than Gurman’s sources indicating that the Mini might not ship.

➝ Source: bloomberg.com

Apple Considering Letting Users Change Default Email App and Browser on iOS ➝

Mark Gurman, reporting for Bloomberg:

The technology giant is discussing whether to let users choose third-party web browser and mail applications as their default options on Apple’s mobile devices, replacing the company’s Safari browser and Mail app, according to people familiar with the matter.

This is a huge step in the right direction. And I wouldn’t mind them giving developers the ability to release web browsers with their own rendering engines as well.

➝ Source: bloomberg.com

A Low Cost iPhone Could Be Coming This Spring ➝

Mark Sullivan, reporting for Fast Company:

Several publications and a few analysts have already predicted that Apple will announce a new sub-$500 iPhone, which may be called either the iPhone SE 2 or the iPhone 9. My own sources near the iPhone supply chain tell me that parts production for the new phone is now ramping up.

One source believes the new phone will likely sell at $399, roughly the same price as the first iPhone SE.

This would be well timed for my in-laws, who are looking to purchase their first smartphone sometime in the next few months. A low-cost iPhone seems like the perfect device for them.

➝ Source: fastcompany.com

Siri Shortcuts and Screen Time Coming to the Mac ➝

Guilherme Rambo, writing for 9 to 5 Mac:

According to people familiar with the development of macOS 10.15 – which has been in the works for at least two years – the new version will include support for Siri Shortcuts, a feature introduced in iOS 12 which allows users to create custom voice shortcuts for actions that can be done in apps.

It’s also likely that the Shortcuts app – a result from the acquisition of Workflow – will be available on macOS, the inclusion of system-wide support for Siri Shortcuts on macOS 10.15 strongly suggests it. On iOS, the Shortcuts app is not bundled with the system, users have to download it from the App Store. It’s possible that the same will be true for macOS: users will download a Marzipan version of Shortcuts from the Mac App Store.

I sure hope this story pans out. Now that I’m spending more time working on the Mac, I’ve been stuck using Automator as my automation app of choice, which isn’t ideal. I’m a huge fan of Alfred, which offers some of this functionality with its workflows feature, but it’s just never clicked for me. If Apple introduces a full-scale Shortcuts for the Mac, it’s going to take my automation game to another level.

Apple Planning to Update MacBook Pro Soon ➝

Mark Gurman, reporting for Bloomberg:

The updated notebooks will be thinner, include a touch screen strip for function keys, and will be offered with more powerful and efficient graphics processors for expert users such as video gamers, said the people, who asked not to be named.

Gurman’s sources also tell him that the new MacBook Pros are due later this year, but they will not be announced at the September event where Apple typically announces new iPhones.

Mac updates have been few and far between over the past couple of years and it’ll be nice to see a refresh in the lineup. And, although I don’t use OS X very often anymore, I hope this is just the tip of the iceberg.