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Defaulting to the Share Sheet for Read Later Services Is Lazy ➝

Josh Ginter:

The debut of app extensions effectively eliminated those custom sharing actions to Pocket and Instapaper. Within a few software release cycles, apps like Tweetbot and Reeder opted to shelve development of their own sharing extensions for Pocket or Instapaper and left the sharing mechanism to the system-wide system. […]

In hindsight, this feels like a lazy decision and has hampered the speed and efficiency of saving content to any read-it-later queue.

The share sheet was a massive step forward for iOS, but it shouldn’t have resulted in the removal of these excellent custom sharing features built-in to applications. I’m glad that Unread brought back its custom read later sharing option in its most recent major release. I’d love to see more applications implement it as well.

➝ Source: thenewsprint.co

Matthew Cassinelli Looks at Reeder 4 ➝

An excellent deep-dive into Reeder 4, by Matthew Cassinelli. I also purchased the app as soon as I heard of its release and it is an excellent application. Reeder 3has been my default Instapaper reading client for years and a Reeder 4 picked up right where it left off. My only complaint, when compared to the previous version, is the removal of Avenir as a typeface option.

Reeder 3 for Mac Public Beta ➝

I’ve been experimenting with various RSS readers on my iPad because my favorite (Sunstroke) is no longer being developed and frequently crashes in iOS 9. I suppose this public beta is a good opportunity to try something different on the Mac side of things, as well.

Shawn Blanc Reviews Reeder 3.0 ➝

Shawn Blanc on the design changes in the new version of Reeder:

Likewise with Reeder, much of the application’s design has been cleaned up and simplified. And all of it for the better. Articles have a more defined hierarchy and less visual clutter; menus have better contrast. This is not to say that the previous design of Reeder was poor — far from it — but the new design is unquestionably superior, and it makes the previous design instantly feel dated.

The design has been simplified, but I don’t think it’s an improvement I’m not happy with the buttons along the bottom, they blend into the background much more than I’d like them to. Maybe I don’t read my RSS feeds like everyone else does — I spend most of my time starring things that I plan on getting to later — and I guess I like my buttons a little more visible.

I’m also not happy with how Reeder 3.0 deals with Sparks in Fever, which is to say: not at all. I use Sparks as a place where I put RSS feeds that are “on the bubble” — either on the way to being deleted or getting ready to move into Kindling. Not having access to Sparks is a deal breaker for me.