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IPA God: Cracked Apps Without Jailbreak ➝

Redmond Pie reports on a new app pirating application getting ready to hit the scene. The application is called “IPA God” and will allow users to install cracked App Store apps on their iOS device.

IPA God takes advantage of an exploit in iOS 4.1 and 4.2 that doesn’t require jailbreaking. The developer has created a video demoing the application on a non-jailbroken iPad running the new iOS 4.2 beta.

Ironically the developer plans on charging for the application. With a price somewhere under $20, the application will “soon” be available directly from the developers website.

It’s interesting that this developer thinks that you should be able to use for-pay applications for free, unless it’s his. But, I’m sure IPA God will be available from other sources, sans price tag.