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Andy Ihnatko, I Respectfully Disagree

In the most recent episode of MacBreak Weekly (episode 136: EULA Schmeula) Andy Ihnatko, regarding the Palm Pre, said this:

The mac isn’t a home run in terms of commercial appeal, and yet it can do very very well with 8 or 9% of the market. The Pre doesn’t have to beat the entire smartphone market, they don’t have to beat the iPhone, they don’t have to beat the blackberry. All they have to do is establish credibility and that they have a platform that is going to last at least 2 more years. I think that their goal for this launch should be to get people to think twice about switching to an iPhone or switching to a BlackBerry, so long as they are a part of the decision matrix, they get a win.

Wrong. Unfortunately Palm doesn’t have the luxury of being able to treat the Pre this way, they need it to sell, fairly well, or Palm might be over. When we are talking about a company (Palm) that has steadily been losing market share over the past few years they really need a true winner. Just because Palm is in the decision matrix doesn’t mean they win, even if they are involved in someones decision making process for purchasing a smartphone, Palm doesn’t win unless someone actually buys the handset.

Palm’s goal shouldn’t just be to get people to think twice before buying a smartphone. Why would anyone want to buy a cell phone from a company with that kind of goal? Especially when there are cell phone companies out there whose goal it is to make the best phone available.

I’m not saying the Palm Pre has to sell gang busters, I’m more or less asserting that Ihnatko’s idea of what Palm’s goal should be, is obviously wrong. The Mac has proved that a company can exist with a relatively small market share. But, Apple is one of those companies that wants to make the best device available, Palm needs to want that too.

It appears to me that Palm thinks they have a home run on their hands, but I’m hoping that they want this to be the best cell phone available, even if that is true just for the people that buy it. Macintosh computers are where they are today because the people who use them, love them, Palm needs to gain that type of customer loyalty with the Pre, they at least need to strive for that, otherwise I don’t know how they could ever pull themselves out the this hole.

Update 6/4/09: Reviews have started to be released for the Palm Pre. So far I’ve found reviews by the following writers: Walt Mossberg, Joshua Topolsky, David Pogue, Jason Chen, Bonnie Cha, Steven Levy.

It’s April Fools’ Day, Stay Away From Forums and Ignore Twitter

Today is the day that internet lovers either hate or love. I haven’t done any formal polling but my insticts tell me that most people laugh at the first April Fools joke they see and then hate everything they see afterwards.

Every year on April 1 there are thousands of popular website that attempt to make their users laugh, but there aren’t as many lols as there are ANGRY CAPS -LOCKED COMMENTS WITH TOO MANY EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sure many of you readers have already figured this out, so this post is directed towards the countless websites that don’t get it yet. But before you regular people quit reading, don’t Twitter about fake stories or jokes, stop giving these guys attention for annoying their users.

You probably aren’t funny, so you probably shouldn’t attempt to be. This especially goes to websites that have a very diverse audience. You might be able to get away with it if you have an incredibly niche audience who will get the joke, but don’t take that chance. You are only upsetting and frustrating many of your users. And for God’s sake don’t do that thing where you report on something as if it is a news story, when it is obviously an April Fools joke, because every single person who reads it has to take about 20 seconds out of their life to second guess the validity of the story.

Let’s all hope that there isn’t any actual news released today. Companies, if you planned on releasing anything today or announcing anything today, do everyone a favor and wait until tomorrow, it isn’t worth the hassle trying to explain to people that the news is actually real.

For the internet, April 1 is the wild west, nothing can happen today without everyone either ignoring it or calling it fake. And, yes, I know that every other day is like that too, but April 1 is worse… much worse.

Now, let me be clear, I understand that to a lot of you April 1 is the day that everyone can have fun and joke around. But, if you finish this learning only one thing I hope is that you shouldn’t publish April Fools jokes on respected websites, it’s just wrong.