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Open Source Plans for Vesper ➝

Brent Simmons:

Q Branch’s existing open source code — DB5 and QSKit — will be moved to my personal GitHub account. I will continue to maintain DB5 (I continue to use it). QSKit will not be maintained, but will be made available as historical artifact.

We will make Vesper for iOS, Vesper for Mac, and Vesper’s JavaScript sync service open source on my personal GitHub account. This code will also be provided as historical artifacts: they’re not intended as active projects. They’re also not intended as examples of how to write apps these days.

It’s incredibly sad that the folks at Q Branch weren’t able to find success with Vesper. But I have hope that someone will pick up where they left off and build something great with the open sourced code.

Brent Simmons Resigns From Q Branch ➝

John Gruber, on Brent Simmons’ departure from Q Branch:

For Q Branch and Vesper, life goes on. We don’t have anything to announce today, other than that this is not the end. In the meantime, I simply want to publicly wish Brent well. He’s still full-time at The Omni Group, which means Q Branch work had been relegated to nights-and-weekends time. Nights-and-weekends time is for your passions, not for obligations.

I’m excited to see what Brent is able to work on with his newly found free time. And, I’m not at all worried about the future of Q Branch — they make the best notes app for iOS and I don’t think that’ll change any time soon.

Vesper Update Adds Native Support for iPad ➝

I’ve been using Vesper since the day it launched and would easily put it in my top ten apps list if I was to make one. Earlier this week, I noted on Twitter that I wished there was an iPad optimized Vesper client and was pleasantly surprised yesterday when an update was released that added iPad support.

John Gruber, writing on the Vesper weblog:

Now that Vesper supports all iOS device layouts, we’re raising the regular price for the app to $9.99. With fast, reliable, unlimited sync, we think that’s a great value. But for a limited time, we’re making this version available for just $7.99. And it’s a free update for everyone who’s already purchased any previous version of Vesper, all the way back to 1.0.

I commend the folks at Q Branch for moving to sustainable pricing. I would have gladly paid $9.99 for Vesper because it’s a great app that’s incredibly well made. I hope other developers follow Q Branch’s lead and charge sane prices for their applications.

The App Store’s race to the bottom is bad for developers’ bottom line and rewards quantity over quality. I want more well built, thoughtful applications in the App Store and less poorly supported, often abandoned apps. And I for one, am willing to pay for that quality and, whenever the opportunity arises, encourage my friends and family to do so as well.