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Content Blocker Testing Update ➝

Ben Brooks:

Here we go again, another round of iOS content blocker testing. Before I get into the testing, I want to point out why certain apps were tested while others were not tested. I can assure you I downloaded/purchased/unlocked every content blocker I could find on the App Store. I lost count how many there were after they were all installed, but I was starting to worry I may never stop downloading them.

I was not looking forward to testing these, it takes 10 minutes on average to test each content blocker — and well you can do the math when I had more than 30 installed. That’s a lot of time. So I needed to pare the list down in a way which made sense without testing them first.

I’ve been using Adamant since Ben’s last content blocker test and have been very happy with it. But after seeing his latest results, I’ll be trying Purify and Eluo.

Ben Brooks Continues His Ad Blocker Testing ➝

Based on his latest testing, 1Blocker and Adamant are the two ad blockers he recommends the most with Purify following closely behind. Personally, I’ve primarily been using Adamant since it launched and have been very happy with it. In addition to Ben’s recommendations, I’ve also tried Ad Control — which I was drawn to because of its philosophy and 1 Ad feature — but nothing has been able to beat the speed and simplicity of Adamant.