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Regarding the Em Dash ➝

Adam O’Fallon Price:

For me, there is no punctuation mark as versatile and appealing as the em dash.  I love the em dash in a way that is difficult to explain, which is, probably, the motivation of this essay.  And my love for it is emphasized by the fact that many writers never, or rarely, use it—even disdain it.  It is not, so to speak, an essential punctuation mark, the same way commas or periods are essential.  You can get along without it and most people do.  I don’t remember being taught to use it in elementary, middle, or high school English classes; I’m not even sure I was aware of it then, and I have no clear recollection of when or why I began to rely on it, yet it has become an indispensable component of my writing.

I absolutely adore the em dash — to the point where I probably overuse them. It’s the most versatile and elegant punctuation mark of the lot and I can’t imagine what my writing would look like without it.

(Via K.Q. Dreger.)