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iPad ProMotion ➝

Federico Viticci, on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro’s 120Hz display:

A good way to think about the iPad’s new display with ProMotion is not the difference between low-res and Retina screens, but the jump from 30fps to 60fps. You see more of every animation. Text is more legible when you scroll and doesn’t judder. It’s hard to explain and it has to be seen and experienced to be fully understood. Every scroll, page transition, and app launch animation on the 10.5” iPad Pro is absurdly smooth to the point of feeling unrealistic at first – hence the common reaction that something doesn’t quite compute. But as you spend some time with the new iPad and start using it on a daily basis, its display becomes normal and you wish that other Apple displays were the same.

I would be surprised if this new display technology doesn’t make its way into the iPhone this year.

Apple Announces Back to School Promotion ➝

My girlfriend and I have taken advantage of the back to school promotion two or three times now and it’s a great deal. This year, buy a Mac and get $100 iTunes Gift Card, buy an iPad or iPhone and get a $50 card.

Apple Announces Back to School Promotion ➝

Buy a qualifying Mac with your education discount and receive a $100 iTunes gift card that can be used on the App Store, iTunes store, iBookstore, and the Mac App Store. I understand why Apple decided to give away gift cards instead of iPods — Apple doesn’t need to push iPods anymore and would rather get people in the habit of buying on all of their stores — but, they’ve essentially cut the value of the promotion in half.

I was actually hoping that Apple would offer $200 off an iPad in this year’s promotion. The cost to Apple would be about the same as the free iPod touch but would feel like an amazing deal to people taking advantage of it.

Apple Announces Mac OS X Snow Leopard Up-to-Date Program ➝

Snow Leopard WWDC 2009

Customers who purchase a qualifying new (list of models) or refurbished (list of models) Mac on or after June 8, that does not include Snow Leopard can upgrade to it for $9.95. If you purchase multiple Macs on a single invoice you can either order multiple upgrade kits at $9.95 each or purchase fewer of them and request the right to copy for the remaining qualifying products.

Once Snow Leopard becomes available in September, Apple will ship your upgrade discs within 24 hours of receiving a customer’s completed order form and payment.

This is a great deal for potential Mac buyers but I’m loving the idea of using Apple’s back to school promotion to purchase one of those brand new MacBook Pros to get a free iPod touch, printer, and now a cheap upgrade plan to Snow Leopard. But, I’m also considering the possibilities of waiting until new iPods come out in September to get a new iPod instead of the current models.

That would truly be taking advantage of all offers. A brand new MacBook, iPod, printer, and OS for the cost of a MacBook. I’m not actually going to take advantage of the offers though, it’s just wishful thinking. I’m actually quite happy with my current systems and the $29 Snow Leopard upgrade cost sounds fine to me.

Apple Announces Back to School Promo, Silently Updates $999 MacBook ➝

Apple Back to School Promo

Apple has silently updated the white $999 MacBook. The notebook now has a 2.13GHz processor instead of the 2.0GHz of the previous model, a 40GB jump in hard drive capacity to 160GB, and the RAM is now 800MHz DDR2 instead of 667MHz.

In addition to the MacBook updates, Apple has also announced this years back to school promotion. The promo isn’t any different than years prior, college students and college/K-12 faculty who purchase a qualifying Mac (excludes refurbished Macs and the Mac mini) will also be able to get a free iPod.

You won’t be able to get any iPod for free, and the rebates are different depending on what iPod you purchase, here’s the details:

  • $229 rebate on an iPod touch
  • $229 rebate on iPod classic
  • $199 rebate on a 16GB iPod nano
  • $149 rebate on an 8GB iPod nano
  • $79 rebate on an iPod shuffle

I’ve taken advantage of this opportunity two out of the last three years and have learned a little bit about how to get the most from this promotion. Apple usually offers you $100 off select printers when you buy a Mac, you might as well buy one. You’ll end up just paying the sales tax on a great printer, and besides all you need to do is buy one Mac to qualify for a free printer… and an iPod. Also, find out exactly when the promotion ends (I’ve seen October 8 as the end date), and wait until late September to purchase your new computer. This is when new iPods usually get released, and in years past Apple offered the same rebates on the new models for the window of time that the promotion is still going on (this way you won’t get stuck with the old model right before the new ones come out).

Of course, this isn’t an instant rebate, you’ll have to pay full price up front. But if ou want to get your rebate back quicker Apple makes it pretty easy, you can submit your rebate online and you will get the rebate a few days earlier than if you mailed it in.