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The Challenge of Switching From a Page Builder to the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor ➝

I don’t use the block editor here on Initial Charge. Instead, I write in Ulysses and publish to the site using Shortcuts. But I have other personal sites where I make use of the block editor and use it every single day at work.

And, boy, I’m sure glad I never used a page builder plugin on any of my sites. It seems like such a short-sighted publishing system that will eventually lead to pain points. If your goal can be accomplished with stock WordPress, it’s typically best to do so.

➝ Source: speckyboy.com

WordPress 5.6, “Simone” ➝

An exciting release, which includes a great new feature:

Thanks to the API’s new Application Passwords authorization feature, third-party apps can connect to your site seamlessly and securely. This new REST API feature lets you see what apps are connecting to your site and control what they do.

This gives you the ability to authenticate an app or service with WordPress using a password created specifically for that connection. And you can revoke that password as you see fit — keeping your site secure without having to change your password and re-authenticate in any app or service connected to your site.

But what’s more exciting is that this opens the door to natively supporting two factor authentication in the future. If that’s something you’d like to add with a plugin now, I use Two-Factor.

And for more information about Application Passwords, there’s an excellent integration guide available.

➝ Source: wordpress.org

Mission Ctrl, Block-Powered WordPress Dashboard Customization ➝

From the site:

With mission ctrl you can build your own dashboard widgets with blocks. You know blocks, the things you are already using on your posts/pages to make your WordPress site awesome.

I don’t use blocks on Initial Charge, instead composing everything in Ulysses and the publishing through Shortcuts. The contents of my entries are technical saved in Classic blocks, but I typically only ever interact with them using the code editor.

I do use blocks on other sites I publish, though — a personal site that I manage alongside a few family members and all the sites I interact with at my day job. The block editor is very powerful and letting you use blocks to add custom widgets to the WordPress dashboard is brilliant.

➝ Source: missionctrl.is