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Automattic Acquires an ActivityPub WordPress Plugin ➝

Sarah Perez, reporting for TechCrunch:

WordPress.com sites now have an easier way to integrate with the Fediverse, including Mastodon. Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, Tumblr and other web publishing tools, is the new owner of the ActivityPub for WordPress plugin and has also recruited its developer to come work for the company, according to Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg.

I’m pretty happy about this news.

➝ Source: techcrunch.com

Iceberg, a Beautiful Editor for WordPress ➝

I don’t actual write within the WordPress editor on Initial Charge, instead I do all of my writing within Ulysses and then publish to the site using Shortcuts. But if I was to ever move back to writing directly in WordPress, Iceberg is how I’d do it.

I purchased the plugin immediately after seeing it on Twitter, even though I don’t have any plans to actually use it. I want plugins like this to be developed for the platform and want to compensate the developers for investing the time and effort into building it.

Iceberg is a gorgeous, simple editor for WordPress that allows you to write in Markdown. That would be enough for many, but what takes Iceberg to the next level is that it builds upon the block editor instead of replacing it. When you write within Iceberg, all of the markup under the hood is entirely block editor compatible. There’s no need to worry about incompatibilities if you deactivate the plugin down the line — you can gracefully switch back and forth between editors and everything just works.

➝ Source: useiceberg.com

Daring Fireball-Style Linked List Plugin Version 2.5.4 ➝

The Daring Fireball-Style Linked List plugin is what I use to publish linked list items to the site. The plugin allows me to input a URL into a custom field that will become the click-through link in this site’s RSS feed.

I was having some problems getting the plugin to display the permalink at the bottom of linked list items in the RSS feed. This update fixes that. The developer of the plugin, Yinjie Soon, was very quick to respond to the problem. This update was released just a few hours after the bug came to his attention.

Also, if you’re having any problem with the RSS feed don’t hesitate to let me know.