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“Counting the Days Until I Can Go Back to Normal” ➝

Matt Birchler, on exiting the honeymoon phase with his Google Pixel 2:

Then I get settled in and start to notice the little things that annoy me about Android. Maybe it’s an iOS feature I miss more than I realized I would. Maybe it’s a feature Android has that I thought would be more elegantly implemented than it has. Maybe it’s a few apps with stability issues. All of these things happen to me over time and they start to wear me down. I start having to reboot the phone more. I have to clear caches for apps that are misbehaving. I have to go to shady-ass websites to download APKs from god knows where to make a feature work how it’s supposed to work. I have to do all these things regularly and it takes its toll. I fall more and more out of love with Android.

I’m a few weeks away from concluding my Android experiment for the year, and I feel like a student before winter break, counting the days until I can go back to normal.