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Netflix Is Ending Its DVD-by-Mail Subscription Service ➝

Heather Kelly, reporting for the Washington Post:

After 25 years of sending discs of movies and TV shows to people through the mail, Netflix is discontinuing the DVD subscription business that started it all, the company announced in its Tuesday earnings report.

Another sad day for physical media.

➝ Source: washingtonpost.com

The Resurrection of Physical Media ➝

A great piece by CJ Chilvers, listing some of the advantages that DVDs and Blu-rays have over streaming services. Physical discs really are superior to streaming services. I can rip the discs and store the files in my Plex library for convenience, I never have to worry about a series or movie being pulled, and I only have to pay once to watch it as many times as I want.

➝ Source: cjchilvers.com