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Mark One by Studio Neat ➝

From the Kickstarter page:

Perhaps unsurprising if you know us, but our design goal from the beginning was to design a pen that was both minimal and beautiful. Mark One has a completely seamless (literally) design, with no excess ornamentation or logo. This seamless design was quite an engineering feat, and involved designing a custom mechanism that can screw in from the back. The pen comes in two colors: black or white, which both have a slightly textured, matte finish. The metal plated nocks provide a nice little accent to each. We wanted the pen to be sophisticated without looking overly tactical or masculine.

I recently took up journaling and this is exactly the type of pen I’ve been looking for. Something that’s minimal, durable, retractable, and made by a group of people that care deeply about good design.

What’s in Your Pocket? ➝

Dave Caolo shares what he has carried in his pockets throughout the years. He’s been able to pare it down as time goes on, but I’ve long been a proponent of carrying as little as possible. As far back as I can remember, I’ve carried the following with me, everyday:

  • Smartphone in front left pocket — currently an iPhone 6s.
  • Wallet in back right pocket — currently The Mojave Picker’s Wallet by Whipping Post.
  • My car and house keys in front right pocket.
  • A pen in my front right pocket — currently a Zebra F-301 with blue ink.

Aside from the specific brand or model of the items I carry, I don’t expect much of this to change any time soon.

The Baron Fig Squire ➝

I’m not much of a pen geek, but this thing looks incredible.