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Jupiter Broadcasting Takes PeerTube Instance Offline ➝

Chris Fisher:

The software itself handles even demanding workloads great, stability has been surprisingly good. Even when we tried to really push the new live stream support.

Where things start to fall down for Jupiter Broadcasting is operating at scale, on an ongoing basis. Four or more shows a week, multiple team members, and live streams.

PeerTube is a neat piece of software, but video is tricky. It uses a lot of storage space and bandwidth. It also has a much higher barrier to entry in terms of production.

I toyed with PeerTube for a few months but ultimately took my instance offline because I wasn’t using it for publishing and didn’t find a lot of channels that were worth following. The channels I did find, I just subscribed to in Pocket Casts.

➝ Source: jupiter.tube

Fediverse.Party, Explore Federated Networks ➝

Imagine if you needed a Gmail account to send a message to a Gmail email address. Or you needed a Yahoo account to send a message to a Yahoo email address. That would seem completely absurd. But that’s exactly how Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networks work.

By contrast, the fediverse uses ActivityPub to communicate across instances. If you have an account on Mastodon.social, you can still interact with someone on Indieweb.social because they utilize the same protocol. And everything just works — you can follow, reply, comment, and interact with other users across instances in every way you’d expect to.

In terms of the software itself, there’s Mastodon, Pixelfed, PeerTube, and more. And it’s all free and open source. So not only can you sign up to join an instance that someone else maintains, you can also setup and maintain your own server.

Fediverse.Party offers a pretty good overview of the most popular software in the fediverse. And there’s plenty of information about user statistics, links to tutorials, lists of instances to join, and more. I’ve been toying around with Pixelfed recently and have been very impressed. I think this technology is going places.

➝ Source: fediverse.party