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Pedometer++ Reaches One Million Downloads ➝

David Smith:

The response to it blew me away. I had put it on the store more as a whimsical tool for playing with the new hardware but it took off from day one. With 12k downloads in its first day of availability, and 30k its first week. Seeing this opportunity I worked over the next few days to get a better, more capable application ready.

I started using Pedometer++ the day it was released. I’ve tried other activity tracking apps, but I’ve always ended up coming back to Pedometer++. I couldn’t be happier about the success David’s had with the application and I hope he continues to see a steady number of downloads going forward.

Pedometer++ 2.0 Released ➝

David Smith writing about his recently released update to Pedometer++ for iOS:

The visual design of the app has been given a complete overhaul. This was most directly focused around making it so that you can now see an entire week at a glance. Beyond just the structure I also spent a lot of effort improving the colors, typography and general appeal of the app.

I love all of the changes to the app. I spent a little bit of time using the Fitbit app to track my steps but I just wasn’t happy with the way the information was presented in the app and ultimately moved back to Pedometer++. My only gripe is with the app icon — which is a bit ungainly.

Fitbit Adds ‘MobileTrack’ to iOS App ➝

The new MobileTrack feature uses the M7 coprocessor in recent iOS devices to track movement. I used the app for about a week, but eventually went back to using Pedometer++. Although the Fitbit icon is infinitely nicer than Pedometer++’s, the Fitbit app takes a few seconds longer than Pedometer++ to update my current steps and I liked that Pedometer++ displays my step count with much larger text than Fitbit does.

Nike+ Move ➝

Announced at Apple’s September event and available today. I’ve installed the app but I’m still not sure if I’m going to stick with it or move back to Pedometer++.

Badge Truncation Workaround ➝

David Smith came up with an extremely clever workaround for Pedometer++‘s badge truncation issue. And, David also found time to add daily step goals and a detailed display of your steps over the last seven days. It’s a great update.

M7 Powered Pedometer Application ➝

I’ve been using David Smith’s Pedometer app, Pedometer++, since I first heard of it a few days ago on Twitter. It’s a very simple application that displays the number of steps you’ve taken today and in the last seven days. If you picked up an iPhone 5s recently, I suggest you try out Pedometer++.