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Not Selling the Computer I Want ➝

Matt Birchler:

This all brought me to an interesting realization: Apple doesn’t make a Mac for me anymore.

Or maybe I’ve just changed what I want from a desktop computer. Either way, none of the options Apple currently sells would make me happy, which is how we get to today.

He ended up purchasing a PC from Dell. And this is someone that has been using Macs for decades. If that doesn’t tell you how dire the situation is, I don’t know what will.

I’ve written previously about my frustration with Apple’s Mac Pro pricing and I think that’s the key to all of this. The Mac Pro was the safety valve — the best option when no other Mac met your needs. Because of its internal expansion and high power ceiling, it was versatile enough for just about any task. The current Mac Pro has that in spades, but what it doesn’t have is a relatively affordable starting price point. Without that, folks like Matt and myself have to consider whether macOS is actually worth buying a machine that doesn’t offer the features or form factor we need.

Ten years ago, I suspect Matt would have ended up with a Mac Pro. Perhaps begrudgingly since it was a bit over his budget, but at least he would have had an option that was attainable. The current Mac Pro is just too darn expensive for a large swath of Mac users that previously would have considered it as the best option for them.

Unlike Matt, I’m not going to end up with a PC — my current plan is to buy a new Mac Mini. But it’s pretty sad that Mac enthusiasts are even having this conversation.

➝ Source: birchtree.me

Mac Shipments Down, Despite PC Market’s Return to Growth ➝

My immediate thought is that Apple’s unreliable keyboards are finally catching up with them. I sure hope they swiftly update the rest of their laptop line with the new scissor switch keyboards to help keep this decline from getting out of hand.

➝ Source: imore.com

Sony to Support Remote Play on PC and Mac ➝

Shuhei Yoshida, Sony CE’s President of Worldwide Studios, writing on Twitter:

Some people asked if we plan to provide Remote Play function to PC, and yes, we are indeed working on an official application for PC/Mac.

It’s Time For The Next Four Quadrants ➝

Mike Bates writes about how the lines are blurring between PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Only Five Percent of Mac Users at IBM Need Help Desk Support, Compared to Forty Percent of PC Users ➝

Neil Hughes, writing for AppleInsider:

Speaking to more than a thousand Apple IT administrators was Fletcher Previn, vice president of Workplace-as-a-Service at IBM. Big Blue began offering employees the ability to use a Mac at work starting on June 1, and adoption has been a tremendous success.

Previn revealed that IBM is now deploying 1,900 Macs per week, and there are currently 130,000 iOS and Mac devices at use within the company. All of these devices are supported by just 24 help desk staff members.

Further, Previn revealed that just 5 percent of Mac users call IBM’s internal help desk for assistance, compared to 40 percent of PC users.

Is this surprising to anyone?

Panic’s ‘Firewatch’ Coming to Mac, PC, and PS4 ➝

I believe the protagonist is voiced by Rich Sommer, the actor behind one of my favorite characters on Mad Men and who is now the host of his own podcast, CARDBOARD! I don’t play too many video games these days — currently on Hearthstone and Alto’s Adventure — but Firewatch is the kind of game I could get in to.

John Moltz Buys a PC ➝

John Moltz recently purchased a gaming laptop for his son and documented the experience. I’ve never actually purchased a PC myself — when I was using PCs they were either purchased by my parents, provided by my school, or I built them myself. But, that was nearly a decade ago and based on John’s experience it looks like things have only gotten worse.

What I don’t understand is why there’s no PC OEM that takes the user experience as seriously as Apple does. Why isn’t there one with a rationalized product lineup, aimed at a broad swath of customers (Razer’s is rationalized, but only focuses on high-end gaming), that all come with a clean Windows install?

Every few years I’ll get questions from a friend or family member about what computer I think they should buy. And after doing a little research on my own I always end up giving them the same advice: I have no idea what PC you should buy, but if you think you want to switch to OS X, I recommend a MacBook Air or an iMac.

I don’t give them this advice because I don’t think they should buy a PC, in fact I’d rather they buy a PC because it’s what they’re most comfortable with and it’ll prevent me from become their lifeline when something goes wrong (as I expect I’d be if they bought a mac, since I’m the “mac guy”). The reason I don’t know what PC to recommend is because the whole market looks like a sea of poorly built hardware filled with bloatware and bad user experiences.

Like John, I’ll never understand why there isn’t one PC OEM that actually seems to care about the customer. Not one with a simple product line, with limited options in order to prevent their customers from being overwhelmed. Whenever I take a look at the PC market it feels like every OEM is trying to dump all the components that Intel and AMD couldn’t convince Apple to put in their latest MacBook Air. It’s not good at all.

Microsoft Announces Surface Pro 3 ➝

12-inch display, multi-position kickstand, 9-hours of battery life, pricing starting at $799, with preorders starting tomorrow morning.

I don’t see anything in this product that would make me want to buy it. If I was an artist that worked digitally the Surface Pen features might be compelling. But, I’m not. And, I’d rather spend my money on an iPad.