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No Clear Justification for Removal ➝

Patrick McGee, on Twitter:

Former head of App Review says some apps were “remov[ed]” “immediately” because Mr. Schiller and Mr. Cue were “adamant” about (their) removal, despite Mr. Shoemaker’s “protest[s]” that there was no clear justification for doing so under the app review guidelines.

Sure, Apple’s terms of service gives them room to remove apps at their discretion. But we all know that’s a lame excuse. There is always a reason. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they remove all the other apps in the App Store?

Three things need to happen:

  1. Apple needs to strictly adhere to their own rules about app removals and rejections.
  2. If an app comes along that requires the rules be changed, change the rules and give developers a period of time to adapt before the change is enforced.
  3. Give users the option to install apps from elsewhere.

The first two are the absolute baseline. The third item is because people are imperfect and Apple’s ideal of the App Store will never be attained.

➝ Source: mobile.twitter.com