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Parler Returning to the App Store Today, Will Exclude Content Found to Be Offensive or Objectionable ➝

If you really need to find offensive or objectionable content, go ahead and fire up your favorite Reddit or Twitter client. You’ll find plenty.

➝ Source: 9to5mac.com

‘It Depends on Whether Apple Likes You’ ➝

Michael Tsai, referencing Apple’s App Store guidelines on user generated content in relation to Parler’s recent app rejection:

Parler has all this. You can argue with how well it works, but the guidelines don’t state any specific requirements about that. […]

If you go by Apple’s written guidelines, multiple apps were compliant, yet rejected anyway. If you go by Apple’s stated objections, none of the major apps are compliant, yet they’re in the store, anyway.

Regardless of your opinion about Parler, it’s clear that Apple’s policies are not enforced uniformly. And yes, I agree with the likely rebuttal — the App Store is a private platform, Apple makes the rules and can remove an app for any reason. But there’s a difference between what they can do and what they should do. Without any predictability to policy enforcement, developers are left in the dark. And the smaller developers are the ones hurt the most.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, smaller developers are stuck building apps that are well within the lines of acceptability. Otherwise they risk their livelihood. They don’t have the option to build something that pushes the envelope because they aren’t afforded the same lax enforcement that the bigger companies receive.

Apple needs to get a handle on their policies. Refine their wording, train app reviewers well, and enforce the policies evenly.

But I would also advocate for opening the platform. Because no matter how hard Apple tries, the review process will never be perfect. Just let developers distribute their own apps. Add an option in settings to allow installation from outside the App Store, disable it by default, and display a strongly worded notice when it’s toggled. Whatever you have to do.

The developer community and the platform itself would greatly benefit from a bit more freedom.

➝ Source: mjtsai.com

Apple Rejects Parler App Resubmission ➝

I don’t think the Twitter of five or ten years ago would have held up to this degree of scrutiny. It wasn’t long ago when any new feature announcement from Twitter was met with a sea of angry responses from users urging them to take a more active stance in removing some of the most objectionable content on the platform.

And that’s setting aside the plethora of adult content that can be easily found in Twitter and Reddit clients that, as far as I know, is decidedly not allowed on the App Store. But somehow they continue to dodge any enforcement.

Maybe you dislike Parler. And given the content on the platform, maybe there’s plenty of reasons to. But I can’t help but wonder if requiring more robust moderation systems from platform makers is in some ways bolstering the status quo.

Are these App Store policies making it even more difficult for a smaller service to actually compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube? Could a scrappy startup with limited resources actually buildup a compliant moderation system quick enough if they suddenly get an influx of new users?

➝ Source: appleinsider.com

Remember AltStore? ➝

Bill Ottman of Minds recently revealed that the social network’s application was at risk of being removed from the Google Play Store. Their developers pushed a version that removed search, discover, and comment functionality, which was accepted. They also released an update for iOS to match the changes on Android — I suspect in anticipation of similar concerns from Apple.

I’m not too familiar with Minds, I’ve only really heard about it in the past week or so. But from what I’ve seen, it seems fairly tame when compared to very easily discoverable content on Twitter, which doesn’t even seem close to being at risk of App Store removal.

But in my poking around Minds, I saw Bill Ottman mention AltStore — an application and service that smooths out the rough edges for sideloading apps on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. I forgot it even existed.

But now I’m curious about how much of a role AltStore could have going forward. And how welcoming they’ll be to some of these more controversial social applications.

If the folks at Parler or Minds start releasing their apps in AltStore, will Apple make more of an effort to prevent the sort-of loop hole from being utilized? Will there be pressure on Apple to allow apps from non-App Store sources? Will their be similar pressure in the opposite direction?

➝ Source: altstore.io