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How to Verify Time Machine Backups ➝

We all know the importance of backing up, but I bet very few of us regularly verify that our backups aren’t corrupted. This is a simple, yet essential, step to any good backup system.

AT&T Cracking Down on Unofficial iPhone Tethering Users ➝

OS X Daily:

Customers are being notified that their service plans need updating to subscribe to a tethering plan, and that they will be automatically subscribed to a DataPro 4GB package that costs $45 per month if they continue to tether. In the email, AT&T also notes that if customers discontinue the use of tethering, no changes will be made to their plan.

I can understand this change for people who have the unlimited data plan, but if you are on the 2GB a month plan you should be able to use those 2GB however you choose to.