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Josh Ginter Is Still Looking for a Note-Taking App ➝

I’ve settled into Simplenote as my primary note taking app, but truthfully, it’s a bit more complicated than that. I use Ulysses for writing that ends up here on Initial Charge, Day One for journaling, Edit for ephemeral notes, Things for notes associated with specific tasks, Apple Notes for collaborating on notes with my wife, and I use Simplenote for everything else.

There isn’t any one app that does everything I want so I’ve ended up with a handful of apps that all loosely serve the purpose of “note taking”. I can understand why someone would want to find the One App to Rule Them All, but I kind of like having a variety of apps instead. It helps me to focus. And I get to fully configure each of the apps so they’re tailored to what I use them for.

➝ Source: thenewsprint.co

Vesper. Collect your thoughts. ➝

A new notes application by Brent Simmons, Dave Wiskus, and John Gruber. It’s a beautiful application that’s very snappy but doesn’t quite have the most important feature for me — syncing. If I was able to access Vesper notes from my Mac I’d immediately switch. But for now, I’ll patiently await a future update that adds some sort of syncing support.

Vesper – $4.99

Notational Velocity Syncs with Simplenote ➝

My favorite mac notes app, Notational Velocity, was recently updated to version 2.0 beta 2. With the new release came some great improvements including a new icon by Colin Cody and better synchronization with WriteRoom/SimpleText.ws. But, the best new feature of all is that Notational Velocity now includes built-in Simplenote syncing.

Simplenote happens to be my favorite iPhone notes application, it is drop dead simple and the interface is super clean. I’ve been using Notational Velocity off and on since I heard about it early last year. The lack of this exact feature is what has kept me from using it full time, instead using Simplenote’s web app because of the syncing.

With this new feature, Notational Velocity just became invaluable to me.