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Mostr, a Fediverse Nostr Bridge ➝

Alex Gleason:

Nostr solves my most basic frustration with ActivityPub, which is that some of my followers on different servers can’t see me because their admin said so. I’m tired of it.

We’ve been investing in the ActivityPub ecosystem for years. Nostr is a better protocol, but it lacks the years of work that went into making the Fediverse usable. However, things are moving fast. This is partly because of the protocol, which is easy to implement and gives clients a lot of control. It seems like only a matter of time until it overtakes the Fediverse, and I’d rather be a part of it than get left behind.

So the first thing I’ve decided to do is build a bridge. This bridge connects ActivityPub and Nostr together, so we can communicate across the pond. Everyone wins.

I created a Nostr account through Damus when I first saw it gain some traction, but haven’t explored it much beyond that. The beauty of open protocols, though, is that bridges like this are made possible.

➝ Source: soapbox.pub