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Mozilla Acquires Pocket ➝

Dan Frommer, reporting for Recode:

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox web browser, is buying Pocket, the read-it-later service, for an undisclosed amount. Pocket, which is described by Mozilla as its first strategic acquisition, will continue to operate as a Mozilla subsidiary. Founder Nate Weiner will continue to run Pocket, along with his team of about 25 people.

When companies like this are acquired, there’s always promises that nothing will change for the worse, but we all know it rarely ends well. I hope Pocket is able to buck that trend and continue as a standalone service for the long haul rather than turn into just a feature built into Firefox.

Firefox for iOS ➝

In case you’re into that sort of thing.

On Mozilla and Firefox ➝

Dave Winer:

Mozilla does not have our attention because they aren’t doing anything worth paying attention to.

His argument is that browsers have reached the end of their development lifecycle — they’re aren’t any more features left to add that anyone wants. And, I think he’s right, for the most part. The frequency at which new, “must-have” features are being added to browsers is much lower than it was five years ago. Going forward there might only be one great new feature every few years. In the meantime browser makers need to take what they already have and make it faster and more stable. Unfortunately for Mozilla, I haven’t seen anything worth switching over since I started using Safari full time about a year ago.

(Via Daring Fireball.)

Mozilla to Release iPhone App ➝

Something I missed from late last week. Om Malik regarding an interview with Mozilla CEO John Lilly at the Play conference:

…he hinted that the company was going to launch a brand new application for the iPhone, though he declined to reveal any details. “Mozilla will release an app to the iPhone App Store in the next few weeks,” Lilly said. “It’ll surprise people.”

Malik speculates that it could have something to do with Weave. Weave is Mozilla’s sync service which is currently a work in progress at Mozilla Labs. That seems likely to me, I definitely wouldn’t guess a browser, as some others have.

Apple has approved some browser-like applications for the App Store, but all of them use WebKit as their rendering engine. The likelihood that Mozilla would build a browser built on WebKit and not on their Fennec mobile rendering engine is essentially zero. I would also be stunned if Apple ever approved an application that used a third-party rendering engine.