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Add Collections to Home Screen in Plex ➝


If you’ve created a collection, you can optionally choose to make that collection visible as a row on the home screen or library Recommended screen. This effectively lets you create some powerful “custom” rows. For instance, you could create a smart collection based on filtering/sorting a library and then have that appear as a row on the home screen.

Perfect for your Christmas movie collection during the holiday season.

➝ Source: support.plex.tv

Extras, Indeed ➝

Joe Cieplinski runs down all of the shortcomings of iTunes Extras on iOS. Honestly, I didn’t even know they were supported yet. Though, I rarely watch movies on the iPad.

PepsiCo Announces Pepsi Perfect ➝

Turn your jeans inside-out, grab your hoverboard, and put some money on the Cubbies. Shit’s about to get real. Pepsi will be selling limited edition bottles of “Pepsi Perfect” to commemorate Doc, Marty, and Jennifer’s arrival on October 21.

Unfortunately, there will only be 6,500 bottles available, priced at a clever $20.15 each. The good news is Marty and Jennifer aren’t assholes, however, something’s gotta be done about their kids.

And by the way, could you please donate some money to save the clock tower, it’s about time we get that thing fixed.

The Star Wars Digital Movie Collection ➝

The films are finally being released digitally for the first time ever, and with plenty of bonus features to boot. They’re up for pre-order today and will be available to view tomorrow. The best deal I’ve seen is from Amazon where you can purchase the entire collection for $89.99. But, if you’d prefer to only purchase your favorites from the series, they are available separately from iTunes for $19.99 each:

I’ve never actually watched any of the Star Wars films — they just weren’t a part of my childhood like they were for so many others. I certainly was aware of them and know enough about them to have a general idea about the story. Many of my friends absolutely loved the movies, but I just never gave them a chance. Now that they are available digitally, I might take this opportunity to finally give them a try.

Update: The entire Star Wars movie collection has also been added to iTunes as a bundle for the $89.99 matching the aforelinked Amazon price.

Apple Adds iTunes Extras Support to Apple TV ➝

Just under four years after the second generation Apple TV was released, Apple has finally added support for iTunes Extras. I can’t imagine what took them so long — especially considering the original Apple TV already supported Extras — but I guess late is better than never.

Interestingly my girlfriend discovered the feature without knowing of its release. She sat down to watch a Harry Potter movie before I came home from work and discovered that the extra features were available. She spent the next half hour watching behind the scenes extras on the making of the movie.

I can’t say that iTunes Extras will ever convince me to purchase a movie on iTunes, but it’s certainly a nice value-add for movies I’ve already purchased or might purchase in the future.

Disney Launches ‘Movies Anywhere’ Service ➝

As a lunch promotion Disney is offering The Incredibles to users who link their iTunes account to the service.

DVDs and Blu-rays Will Now Carry Unskippable Government Warnings ➝

Nate Anderson, writing for Ars Technica:

The idea isn’t to deter current pirates, apparently (the new scheme requires all legal purchasers to sit through 20 seconds of warnings each time they pop in a film, but will be totally absent from pirated downloads and bootlegs). It’s to educate everyone else. As ICE Director John Morton announced in a statement yesterday, “Law enforcement must continue to expand how it combats criminal activity; public awareness and education are a critical part of that effort.”

Unskippable garbage before the movie is one of the many reasons why I’ve ripped every DVD I own. I have a feeling that making movies easier to watch will discourage pirates far more than forcing them to sit through annoying government warnings.

(Via Daring Fireball.)

List of Movies on Netflix That are Expiring This Month ➝

TV and Movies Now has put together a list of all of the Starz movies on Netflix that will be removed at the end of this month. There’s some great titles on here, I hope Netflix can fill the gap in their selection soon.

(Via Engadget HD.)