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Apple Discontinuing Space Gray Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad ➝

It sure feels like Apple’s obsession with space gray will be coming to an end soon. Coincidentally, I’ve sort-of had the feeling that my next MacBook would be silver.

➝ Source: 9to5mac.com

Mouse and Trackpad ➝

Marius Masalar:

My usage is by no means exclusively as described above, but in general if I’m moving a cursor and clicking, it’s with the mouse, and if I’m navigating a canvas or scrolling, it’s with the trackpad.

I can’t say that this approach will make sense for everyone, but now it feels natural to me and has noticeably reduced my wrist and finger pain after long days at the computer.

I’ve been struggling with some relatively minor RSI issues lately, almost certainly because of my mouse usage. I’m not sure if using both a trackpad and mouse with different hands is going to take for me, but I’ll definitely give it a try.

➝ Source: mariusmasalar.me

iPad Pro Stylus, Force Touch on iPhone, and Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and Mouse ➝

I added an update to last week’s predictions piece with a summary of my response to Matt Hauger regarding the iPad Pro stylus, Force Touch on the iPhone, and an additional note on Apple’s new wireless keyboard and mouse.

New Apple Mouse and Wireless Keyboard Appear in FCC Filings ➝

Mitchel Broussard, writing for MacRumors:

The internals of both devices will see a notable overhaul in their Bluetooth capabilities, with each device getting a bump from Bluetooth 2.1 to Bluetooth 4.2. The upgrade will bring about Apple accessories that should see a noticeable increase in battery life and more robust communication between the input devices and the main computer.

Also of note is the inclusion of integrated lithium battery packs, which users will have to charge instead of the swapping in traditional AA batteries as seen in the current generation of the Magic Mouse and Apple wireless keyboard.

I don’t use Apple’s wireless keyboard very often anymore — instead most of my typing takes place on a MacBook Air or iPad. But I recently found myself in front of a friend’s iMac and I was amazed at how uncomfortable the keyboard felt to me.

Maybe it’s because I’ve grown accustomed to the flatter feel of typing on my MacBook, but it left me wishing that Apple could find a way to get rid of the battery compartment — allowing their standalone keyboards to feel more like their laptop keyboards. And I’m glad they seem to have been thinking along the same lines.

Apple Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse Gestures

I’ve spent about a week with the Mighty Mouse and I like it a lot, but it’s not without faults. Although the Magic Mouse’s scrolling capabilities have been significantly improved over the Mighty Mouse, I really miss the extras buttons.

With my Mighty Mouse I took advantage of the middle click button by assigning Expose all windows to it. When I had multiple windows open and wanted to switch to one that was hidden I could hit the middle button and switch to it. Not having to put my other hand on the keyboard to use command+tab saved me a lot of time.

I didn’t use the Mighty Mouse’s side buttons much but they were really handy, I had it assigned to Expose show desktop.

But, even with the missing features, the Magic Mouse is still the best mouse I’ve ever owned. The momentum scrolling is the smartest feature Apple has ever added to a mouse and the double swipe for forward and back in my browser makes navigate the web significantly faster.

The mouse feels good in your hand, it’s heavier than you’d think it is but it is still feels lighter than the wireless Mighty Mouse. At first the lower profile felt very strange, I was worried that using it for long periods of time would cause more wrist pain than other mice. But, I was pleasantly surprised, I haven’t experienced any pain at all.

The multi-touch gestures on the Magic Mouse are a little limited and although it would be possible for Apple to add more gestures in the future, I don’t really expect them to.

Magic Mouse on Amazon

Apple Introduces Magic Mouse
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Update 12/27/09: MagicPrefs

Mac mini with OS X Server and Multi-Touch Trackpad for Desktop Macs

John Gruber one-upped Dan Lyons’ tease from yesterday morning by detailing the announcements that Gruber claims will be coming later today.

Redesigned MacBooks, redesigned iMacs, an updated Mac mini (including one that ships with OS X Server), a multi-touch “Magic Mouse,” and a multi-touch trackpad were mentioned.

Many of this we’ve all heard before, what’s new is the Mac mini with OS X Server and the multi-touch trackpad that Gruber claims is targeted for desktop Macs.

A Mac mini with OS X Server is a brilliant idea, I’ve seen countless web pages detailing their process of turning the Mac mini into a home server — this is a logical step for Apple to take with the product.

But, the multi-touch trackpad for desktop Macs isn’t something anyone has really talked about. When Apple initially launched new notebooks with multi-touch gestures early last year, I wondered how Apple would bring the feature to desktop Macs. When the multi-touch mouse was first rumored I thought that a mouse would be a perfect way of bringing those gestures to desktops without having to add another peripheral. But, it seems that I was wrong, Apple is going to bring a trackpad to desktop Macs and I’m assuming that it will be used for notebook-like gestures, but I’m almost certain it will be used for much more than that.

Engadget has also found a couple of FCC filings for “a pair of 802.11 a/b/g/n 3×3 access points.” It sounds to me like we might get some new routers too.

What I find odd is that it isn’t like Apple to announce two redesigned computers and two new products without some sort of event. I’m not saying that they can’t, I just find it odd. Apple isn’t one to just push out a press release when they release a redesigned product. Dan Lyons’ tease mentioned that “the people we care about are being briefed in advance,” so maybe Apple is trying something new here, or maybe they didn’t have time to plan an event in time for the holiday shopping season.

10/5/09: Mouse, iMac, and Other Apple Hardware
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Update 10/20/09: An AppleInsider forum poster has listed (what he claims to be) the products that will be announced today.

MC238LL/A – MAC MINI 2.26/2x1GB/160/SD/AP/BT-USA
MC413LL/A – IMAC 21.5″/3.06/2x2GB/1TB/4670-256MB-USA

Looks like we’ll be getting a few new Mac minis, an AirPort Extreme, a couple of Time Capsules, a 21.5-inch iMac, and MacRumors has received “unconfirmed word that the ‘MC207LL/A’ product is a MacBook running at 2.26 GHz with a 250 GB hard drive and 2GB of 1066 MHz DDR3 RAM.”

Apple’s online store has been down for a couple of hours now and there are still no signs of changes (on the store page or on individual product pages).

Update 10/20/09: Apple Updates MacBook with LED-Backlight, Glass Trackpad, 7 Hour Battery

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