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Mini DisplayPort Officially Adopted by VESA ➝

The Video Electronics Standard Association (VESA) has officially issued specifications for Mini DisplayPort as part of the DisplayPort 1.1a standard.

Apple had been freely licensing Mini DisplayPort to encourage adoption. But, now that VESA is behind the connector it will likely be found in a larger variety of devices.

I’m excited about this announcement. It gives hope to those of us that would like to see a low-cost DVI to Mini DisplayPort adapter — I’d love to connect one of Apple’s new Cinema Displays to my Mini-DVI equipped iMac.

Collins America Announces Mini DisplayPort Compatible Monitors ➝

A display maker by the name of Collins America has announced 19, 20, and 24 inch “CinemaView” displays with Mini DisplayPort connectors. The displays are very reminiscent of Apple’s current Cinema Display and iMac lines (by the way, I’m not wrong when I say these are ugly right? The CinemaView displays, not the Apple ones, something about those rounded edges and tall stand).

I’ve read a lot of about Mini DisplayPort in regards to connecting a computer (say, a MacBook Pro) with Mini DisplayPort to a DVI monitor but I haven’t seen enough about the issue of having to connect an older computer to a Mini DisplayPort display.

I have a previous generation aluminum iMac and would like to purchase one of the new 24″ Cinema Displays for it, but since there currently isn’t an adapter for Mini-DVI to Mini DisplayPort I am out of luck. I’ve considered purchasing a used 20″ Apple Cinema Display on eBay but don’t want to deal with that hassle and am not fond of the mystery involved with purchasing used gear.

I don’t understand why Apple insists on cutting off support for computers that were only purchased 8 months ago. My computer is still fairly new and I should be able to buy a display from Apple that I can connect to it. I know that MonoPrice has released an adapter to connect a computer with Mini DisplayPort to a non-DisplayPort monitor but I wonder where the Mini-DVI (or just DVI) to Mini DisplayPort adapter is.

Update 7/17/09: Collins America has updated their (still yet to be released) CinemaView products. They now have bigger sizes and a TV tuner available. The first of these products is said to be coming in October but I wouldn’t hold your breath for them.