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Ulysses 2.6 ➝

Mike Bates, on Ulysses 2.6:

I’ve been part of the TestFlight group that’s been using the beta throughout it’s development cycle, and it’s a terrific update to what I’d call my favorite app. […]

The app is what I consider to be the best writing environment for the most people. It’s well-designed, well-equipped with features, is customizable to fit your liking, is developed by an attentive & small(er) team, and all gets out of the way when you need to get down to writing.

I’ve been in the Ulysses beta group for several months, as well, and couldn’t have been happier with this update. I still use my own workflow for publishing to WordPress, but I’m excited about trying Ulysses’ native solution soon. From the sounds of things, it’s incredibly well thought out and offers all of the features I need for my own unique setup.

Taking a Closer Look at iOS 10’s New Lockscreen ➝

Mike Bates takes a deep dive into iOS 10’s new Lockscreen — comparing it to previous iterations and discussing the easy access to common interactions.

The Pokémon Go Craze ➝

Mike Bates:

It sounds odd, but the best parts of playing Pokémon GO happen when you’re not touching the phone. It’s a little tough to summarize, but I think I’d group those best-experiences into exploring, spending time with friends, and meeting new people while out and about.

I haven’t had much time to play Pokémon Go myself, but from everything I’ve seen on Twitter, this is the perfect way to explain it’s popularity.

It’s Time For The Next Four Quadrants ➝

Mike Bates writes about how the lines are blurring between PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

‘What I Saw Inside Apple’s Top-Secret Input Lab’ ➝

An incredible photo essay by Steven Levy documenting Apple’s input lab. The piece is filled with outstanding photography and details the testing that Apple accessories go through before they hit stores. It reminds me of when Apple brought the press into their antenna lab — except we didn’t have to have a #gate for Apple to open their doors this time.

(Via Mike Bates.)