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Wearing the Microsoft Band ➝

A quick preview of the Microsoft Band by The Verge’s David Pierce. It looks uncomfortable to wear, but there’s definitely tons of technology built into it.

I’m still not convinced that smartwatches will take hold in the mainstream market, but at least everyone is starting to figure out that the fitness features is where they should be spending their time. Little screens aren’t great for apps. But, sensors strapped to your body are very good at gathering data that can be displayed on a device with a bigger screen or used to give you suggestions about how to improve your overall health.

Microsoft Fitness Band Leaked ➝

It’s definitely more fitness band than app platform. The hardware looks nice, but it’s not going to stand out next to the competition from Jawbone and Fitbit. And, I’d venture to guess that the $199 price point doesn’t last. It’s too expensive compared to similar fitness bands and for just $150 you could get the Apple Watch with far more features.