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Camera App Bugs ➝

Michael Tsai:

Sometimes the big circular shutter button doesn’t respond. It doesn’t take the photo or even animate to show that it was tapped. It’s as if there’s not actually a button there. When this happens, the physical shutter/volume button does work, although it’s not always ergonomic depending on how I’m taking the photo. Again, it takes varying degrees of resetting the app to get the software button to work again.

Imagine this happening when you’re trying to capture a moment that is absolutely impossible to recreate. Like the birth of your child.

➝ Source: mjtsai.com

Ive Drives, Vol. 3 ➝

Louie Mantia:

It’s been 15 years since the original and 12 years since the sequelVolume 3 contains a staggering 125 hard drive icons, comprising of 25 metal colors (most—if not all—of Apple’s modern product colors), with 5 varieties of each.

I’ll be using these to replace the icons I’m using for the drives connected to my home server.

(Via Michael Tsai.)

➝ Source: lmnt.me

‘Giving Up on Siri and HomePod’ ➝

A great collection of thoughts about Siri and the HomePod, put together by Michael Tsai.

To add my two cents, I’ve disabled “Hey Siri” on every device in the house. I didn’t really find myself triggering it accidentally often, but any number of false positives is enough to be annoying. The real kicker, though, was that I didn’t like the idea of the microphone always being on.

At this point, my Siri usage has been relegated to telling one of our HomePod minis to turn off a box fan, setting timers on the kitchen HomePod, and occasionally asking Siri to start a web search on my iPhone when one of my hands is busy tending to Caleb.

➝ Source: mjtsai.com

High-Level iOS Emulator touchHLE Aims to Preserve Old iOS Gaming Apps ➝

Alfonso Maruccia, writing for TechSpot:

There’s a new iOS emulator in town, and it wants to bring 32-bit gaming apps back into a working state on modern machines and operating systems. touchHLE is specifically designed to run games “from the early days of iOS,” with a focus on iPhone/iPod touch apps for iPhone OS 2.x. In its current state, however, the emulator doesn’t even support touch controls, at least not yet.

Born as a “full-time passion project” by a single developer in December 2022, touchHLE is radically different from traditional low-level emulators (like QEMU) as it is based on a “high-level emulator” design: the program’s simulated CPU only runs the code from an app binary and some needed iOS libraries. touchHLE takes the place of iOS, the developers explain, providing its own implementations of the system framework components like Foundation, UIKit, OpenGL ES, OpenAL, etc.

It’s a real shame that there are so many apps and games that would otherwise be completely lost to time without access to emulation. I wish Apple and other platform makers would build things with software preservation in mind.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Apple built a “Classic” mode that was built in to iOS that emulated older versions of the operating system for the purposes of running older software?

You can still see many of these applications and games if you’ve purchased on your account by navigating to Account > Purchased within the App Store. But unless you have an old device laying around, there’s no official way to install and run them.

(Via Michael Tsai.)

➝ Source: techspot.com

iOS 17.4 Changes PWAs to Shortcuts in EU ➝

Michael Tsai:

Apple had two years or so to prepare for the DMA, but they “had to” to remove the feature entirely (and throw away user data) rather than give the third-party API parity with what Safari can do. I find the privacy argument totally unconvincing because the alternative they chose is to put all the sites in the same browser. If you’re concerned about buggy data isolation or permissions, isn’t this even worse?

I don’t understand what Apple’s end game is with this and the rest of their “compliance” with the DMA. It seems foolish to expect regulators in the EU to turn a blind eye to Apple’s changes, which are obviously outside of the spirit the DMA’s intentions.

Users are irritated, developers are irritated, and I would expect regulators to be irritated as well. It seems inevitable that there will be further action from the EU to force Apple’s hand, so what’s the point? Is the goal just to get as much revenue from the App Store as they can before they have no other option but to truly level the playing field? That seems so incredibly short-sighted when you consider the bridges that they’re burning along the way.

➝ Source: mjtsai.com

A Sour Solution ➝

Michael Tsai:

Microsoft got in trouble for bundling their browser with the OS and for preventing resellers from pre-installing competing browsers. They never interfered with other companies making their apps available. Apple doesn’t let resellers pre-install apps and does prevent certain apps (including third-party browser engines) from even being available.

What Apple has done by locking down the platform is far worse than anything Microsoft ever did with Windows.

It hurts users, it hurts developers, and I think it hurts the platform overall. Imagine how much more powerful our pocket computers could be if, for example, the folks at Panic were afforded the freedom necessary to make Transmit and Coda work on iOS.

How many developers gave up on an incredible idea because they knew it would never be approved by Apple, because the business model just wouldn’t work without the ability to sell upgrades, or because it wouldn’t be feasible with Apple taking a 30% cut of the revenue?

➝ Source: mjtsai.com

Mac Menu Bar and the Notch ➝

I was a Bartender user long before Apple started shipping laptops with a notch in their display. Because of this, I haven’t really run into the issue of Menu Bar icons disappearing behind the notch. I’ve also started using Top Notch to make my menu bar black, effectively making the notch invisible.

Between these two apps, I often forget the notch even exists. The only time it rears its ugly head is when I use Thunderbird, which has enough menus along the left side of the Menu Bar that the notch causes a gap among the menu titles.

➝ Source: mjtsai.com

User Locked Out of Apple Account ➝

Wasingtheisofwas, writing on Reddit:

I reach out to customer service. They tell me that I have violated the terms and conditions of the app store. I ask them to explain and they say that the account has been flagged for “Fraudulent Patterns”. I have no idea what that means, or what I could possibly have done on my iPhone that would constitute fraud. 

The customer support rep tells me that I will need to create a new Apple ID. When I ask him what will happen to all of the content that I have paid for over the years, as well as the subscriptions that I am currently paying for, he tells me that there is nothing he can do and that I cannot be refunded.

This is the kind of story that makes me exceedingly hesitant to rely on Apple’s services. And it makes Apple’s requirement that all iOS software be distributed through the App Store feel like extortion.

I hope we’re nearing a future where you can realistically use an iPhone without an Apple ID at all — replacing all of Apple’s services, including the App Store, with independent alternatives.

(Via Michael Tsai.)

➝ Source: old.reddit.com