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‘My Shortcuts Library’ ➝

Matthew Cassinelli, in his article announcing his Shortcuts Library:

Before this app, I never had engineering training and I didn’t know how to code – I am just a guy who likes taking advantage of the technology available to him.

For me, what was Workflow—and is now much-improved as Shortcuts—stuck out as a unique experience. The blend of drag-and-drop building blocks along with deep scripting capabilities and the access to the world of iOS apps on hardware like the iPhone and iPad was so unique – clearly Apple noticed this too – but it made me feel like I could truly take advantage of these mobile computers as real pieces of useful technology and not just the latest gadget.

I had a lot of the same feelings when I first started digging into Workflow a few years ago. Workflow opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. No other automation tool clicked in the way that Workflow did and I was suddenly able to build all sorts of neat little personal scripts to streamline my life and smooth out the rough edges in iOS.

Workflow’s existence was the primary reason I was able to use iOS as my primary platform and gave me the ability to do more on iOS than I ever could on the Mac — despite everyone’s insistence that the Mac was more powerful.

Now that Workflow has become Shortcuts and is now fully integrated into iOS, I can’t describe how excited I am to see what folks like a Matthew and others have been able to build with a Shortcuts and share with the world.

➝ Source: matthewcassinelli.com

Matthew Cassinelli Looks at Reeder 4 ➝

An excellent deep-dive into Reeder 4, by Matthew Cassinelli. I also purchased the app as soon as I heard of its release and it is an excellent application. Reeder 3has been my default Instapaper reading client for years and a Reeder 4 picked up right where it left off. My only complaint, when compared to the previous version, is the removal of Avenir as a typeface option.

Swipe on the Copy and Paste Menu to See More Actions ➝

A great little iOS tip from my buddy Matthew Cassinelli:

If you’re like me, you may have been on iOS for years before you learned that when you select text and want to navigate the copy & paste menu, you don’t have to tap the arrows to navigate – you can just swipe to the next page.

How to Make a Workflow Run From Both the Widget and the Share Sheet ➝

A great tip from my buddy Matthew Cassinelli, writing for The Sweet Setup:

Sharing from another app using the action extension sends content as input into the workflow, whereas workflows run from the widget don’t have an input. Instead, you can create your own input point by using the clipboard. This way, you can copy something, open the widget, and run the workflow to accept the contents of the clipboard.

Instead of setting up two different workflows for each point of entry, you can also use an input check method that makes a single workflow more dynamic. With this, you use the Count and If actions to count whether there’s an input (1+ items) and, if so, use the Workflow Input coming from the action extension. Or, when there’s no input (0 items), it can use the Clipboard instead so you can run it from the widget as well.

This is one of those neat little Workflow tips that I take for granted when building my own, but I bet there are a lot of users who are completely unaware of it. If you want to build more dynamic workflows that can be run from a variety of locations in the system, this trick is worth learning.