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Apple ‘AirPlay Direct’ Planned for September Launch ➝

Matt Warman writing for The Telegraph:

Sources familiar with the iPhone-maker’s plans said that Apple wants to improve the AirPlay wireless music streaming technology, which currently requires Airplay speakers and a WiFi network. The new version will require just speakers or a hifi and an iDevice; the iPhone, iPod or iPad would form its own network to allow a direct connection and music playback.

Matt Warman and the Next iPhone ➝

Earlier today Matt Warman’s “10 reasons not to buy Apple’s new iPhone 4G” was published by the Telegraph, making him the first major technology writer to trash the unreleased next-generation iPhone.

Of course, all of his reasons are ridiculous and nine out of ten of them are completely incorrect, but I’ll only point out a couple of the most moronic.

  • Matt says it’s expensive when compared to “top-of-the-range”  BlackBerry or Android handsets. The Droid Incredible and HTC EVO 4G both cost $200 and the BlackBerry Bold goes for anywhere between $150-200. It’s pretty safe to assume that the new iPhone will keep the same $199/299 price points of the current model. I wouldn’t call that expensive, I would call that competitively priced.
  • Matt says there isn’t any multitasking. Apparently he missed half of Apple’s iPhone event back in April and didn’t even bother to read about it.

It’s hard to believe that people read his arguments and actually believe them.