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On Google Analytics Alternatives ➝

Matt Birchler, on the state of Google Analytics alternatives:

The cost for these have some just insane numbers. $89/month, $500/year, and the dreaded “contact us for pricing” abound! Even the most affordable option costs $9/month, which is already more than I spend on hosting for this site through DigitalOcean! I want to have basic analytics for my site, but the pricing for these solutions are clearly made for businesses and not indie writers like myself.

He mentions WordPress.com stats, which is available in the Jetpack plugin for free, but that’s only available for sites built on WordPress.

Aside WordPress.com stats and Google Analytics, the only free options that I’m aware of must be self-hosted:

If I wasn’t using WordPress, I would probably use Ackee. It looks pretty slick and can be easily installed using Cloudron, which I’m currently using to manage software on one of my server.

➝ Source: birchtree.me