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Mastoot Adds Unread Count and Timeline Sync ➝

Mastoot continues to be my favorite Mastodon client, by far. It’s received steady updates since launch and the developer is quick to implement newly suggested features.

The latest two update, as of this writing, introduce an unread counter for the timeline, a black icon option, a return of the trumpet icon that I’ve grown fond of, and timeline syncing. This is massive. I can actually check Mastodon from my iPad and iPhone now.

➝ Source: mastoot.app

Mastoot ➝

A brand new Mastodon app developed by Bei Li. There’s a lot of missing features at the moment — most notably push notifications, an in-app browser, and character counter in the compose screen — but everything that is there seems to works better than any other Mastodon app on iOS. And it also happens to have one of my favorite recent app icons.

➝ Source: apps.apple.com