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BitTorrent App Transmission Once Again Source of macOS Malware ➝

Mike Wuethele, writing for AppleInsider:

Once again, BitTorrent client Transmission has distributed malware to some users through an altered installer, with downloaders of the software on Aug. 28 and 29 probably infected by the “Keydnap” package.

New Mac Malware Can Remotely Access FaceTime Camera, but macOS Gatekeeper Users Are Protected ➝

Mike Wuerthele, writing for AppleInsider:

The newly unleashed EasyDoc Converter installs a wide array of malware on a victim’s computer — but it isn’t signed by Apple, which means the Gatekeeper tool in macOS should adequately protect users with default settings.

This is a great reason to keep Gatekeeper turned on and a reminder to exercise caution when it prevents a newly installed app from launching.

13 Million MacKeeper Users Exposed ➝

The sad part is that so many Mac users have been scammed into installed Mackeeper in the first place.

Hackers Use Anti-Adblocking Service to Deliver Malware Attack ➝

Dan Goodin, reporting for ArsTechnica:

The compromise started in the last few minutes of Halloween with a spearphishing e-mail that ultimately gave the attackers access to PageFair’s content distribution network account. The attacker then reset the password and replaced the JavaScript code PageFair normally had execute on subscriber websites. For almost 90 minutes after that, people who visited 501 unnamed sites received popup windows telling them their version of Adobe Flash was out-of-date and prompting them to install malware disguised as an official update. […]

Fortunately, the malware was detected by F-Secure and likely competing antivirus packages as well. Additionally, a large percentage of connections to the attacker servers failed. On top of that, NanoCore runs only on Windows, so people visiting on machines running other operating systems were immune to the attack.

Two lessons to take from this:

  1. Don’t use Windows.
  2. Don’t use Adobe Flash.

You’ll thank me later.

New OS X Threat is Not So New ➝

Joe Caiati, regarding the recent Mac malware scare:

Adware like VSearch and Genieo have already been able to be installed surreptitiously on a Mac without a user’s password. Prior to yesteday’s findings, this type of software would be installed via a malicious browser extension which would download in the background and install without user authentication. […]

Regardless, don’t assume that your Mac is safe. I’d recommend that you run a piece of software called AdwareMedic (which appears to have been acquired by Malwarebytes) to scan for any adware and malware that could have found its way onto your Mac.

I haven’t run anti-malware software since I switched to the Mac in 2006. But since then, market share numbers have started shifting at an increasingly rapid pace. Maybe it’s time I consider installing AdwareMedic, just in case.

How to Avoid or Remove Mac Defender Malware ➝

It’s funny how people make things out to be worse then they really are. The PC-centric websites seemed to enjoy poking fun at Mac users when Mac Defender became a “problem.” But reading through Apple’s directions on how to uninstall the malware, it’s not much of a problem at all. Especially if you’re smart enough not to input your credit card information into software you know nothing about that claims to fix a malware infection that you don’t actually have.

Basically, you quit the application with Activity Monitor, drag the app to the trash, and remove it from your login items. This is nothing compared to the really awful malware infections that some (most) PC users experience.