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The Website Obesity Crisis ➝

Maciej Ceglowski:

These comically huge homepages for projects designed to make the web faster are the equivalent of watching a fitness video where the presenter is just standing there, eating pizza and cookies.

The world’s greatest tech companies can’t even make these tiny text sites, describing their flagship projects to reduce page bloat, lightweight and fast on mobile.

I can’t think of a more complete admission of defeat.

One of my favorite aspects of Initial Charge’s recent redesign was how small I managed to keep the homepage — typically sitting around 75KB. I’m very proud of how text-heavy and kilobyte-light it’s stayed while other sites have climbed near, and often surpassed, the megabyte mark. As our connections get faster at home and on cellular networks, I hope to remain passionate about shaving every kilobyte I can.

(Via Daring Fireball.)