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Updated iMac and Mac mini Coming in October ➝

Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider that Apple has issued an advisory to retail stores stating that all existing iMac and Mac mini SKUs will be discontinued.

There have been several rumors in the past few months indicating that the iMac would be refreshed but this latest report all but confirms it. A couple of AppleInsider reports that I had written about previously rumored “compelling new features,” price cuts, and an “industrial design overhaul” for the iMac.

Last week Kasper Jade also reported that the new iMac designs are already being manufactured, and have been so for a couple of weeks. In the AppleInsider report Jade also writes that the upcoming iMac will “take design cues from the Cupertino-based company’s relatively new LED-lit Cinema Display offerings.”

Meanwhile Mac4Ever (Google Translated) has received a number of tips that suggest the inclusion of an SD card slot, the use of quad-core processors, and the possibility of Xeon processors. Although the inclusion of an SD card slot seems logical, I would suggest taking Mac4Ever’s rumors with grain of salt, they don’t exactly have the most fantastic track record in terms of breaking news about new macs.

Because of the stock constraints, the new iMac and Mac mini models will likely be released sometime in October.

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Update 9/30/09: Some further indications that the Mac mini and iMac will be seeing a refresh, possibly before October 9:

  • The shipping window for the low-end Mac mini has changed from the usual “Within 24hrs” to “1-3 business days.”
  • TUAW has received a tip from an Apple Store employee claiming that his store only has 4 iMacs in stock.
  • Another TUAW tipster ordered a Mac mini on September 18 and today received an email saying that the machine wouldn’t ship until October 9.

Update 10/3/09: Kasper Jade, of AppleInsider, Believes that Apple will announce updated MacBooks alongside the new iMac and Mac mini.

Meanwhile Sam Oliver is reporting that shipping times for the MacBook, Mac mini, and iMac been changed on the online Apple Store for Resellers. The wait times for these macs are much longer than the “1-3 business days” that usually appears on the Apple Store for Resellers.

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TomTom Says the Car Kit is Compatible with the iPod touch ➝

TomTom for iPhone

Mac4Ever managed to get a hold of Yann Lafargue, TomTom’s public relations manager, and received confirmation that the upcoming Car Kit will be compatible with the iPod touch and will also support third party GPS navigation applications.

It will work with the iPod touch and will also work with third-party GPS applications.

When the Car Kit was originally announced back at WWDC TomTom announced that the Car Kit would enhance the iPhones GPS accuracy, this made many (including myself) assume that the mount actually had a GPS chip in it, this has now been confirmed. And presumably, if the iPod touch is capable of using the navigation software with the Car Kit there doesn’t seem to be any reason why the first generation iPhone can’t.

The ability for third-party navigation applications to use the Car Kit to enhance their accuracy is very good for consumers. If you purchase the Car Kit and eventually decide that you want to try out another piece of navigation software you won’t feel locked in because of all the money you spent, the hardware is still useful to you.

Lafarque wasn’t able to shed light on the actually release date of the Car Kit but the release of the TomTom application itself alongside TomTom’s September 22 event leads me to believe the Car Kit is coming very soon.

(Google Translated).

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