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Pedometer++ 2.0 Released ➝

David Smith writing about his recently released update to Pedometer++ for iOS:

The visual design of the app has been given a complete overhaul. This was most directly focused around making it so that you can now see an entire week at a glance. Beyond just the structure I also spent a lot of effort improving the colors, typography and general appeal of the app.

I love all of the changes to the app. I spent a little bit of time using the Fitbit app to track my steps but I just wasn’t happy with the way the information was presented in the app and ultimately moved back to Pedometer++. My only gripe is with the app icon — which is a bit ungainly.

Fitbit Adds ‘MobileTrack’ to iOS App ➝

The new MobileTrack feature uses the M7 coprocessor in recent iOS devices to track movement. I used the app for about a week, but eventually went back to using Pedometer++. Although the Fitbit icon is infinitely nicer than Pedometer++’s, the Fitbit app takes a few seconds longer than Pedometer++ to update my current steps and I liked that Pedometer++ displays my step count with much larger text than Fitbit does.

Nike+ Move ➝

Announced at Apple’s September event and available today. I’ve installed the app but I’m still not sure if I’m going to stick with it or move back to Pedometer++.

Badge Truncation Workaround ➝

David Smith came up with an extremely clever workaround for Pedometer++‘s badge truncation issue. And, David also found time to add daily step goals and a detailed display of your steps over the last seven days. It’s a great update.

M7 Powered Pedometer Application ➝

I’ve been using David Smith’s Pedometer app, Pedometer++, since I first heard of it a few days ago on Twitter. It’s a very simple application that displays the number of steps you’ve taken today and in the last seven days. If you picked up an iPhone 5s recently, I suggest you try out Pedometer++.