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Slack Gets a New Logo ➝

I can understand Slack wanting to make some changes to their branding. Their previous logo could have used a little refinement, but honestly, this new design looks so terribly bland. It looks like the logo for a generic banking application not a cool, growing messaging app for businesses.

Getting rid of the “S” in the logo was probably the right move — I’m not typically a fan of letters within logos, especially when they aren’t symmetrical. But why get rid of the plaid? It was so distinctively Slack. It’s the sort of thing they should have leaned into, but instead we get this boring new icon on our home screens.

I have Slack open all day while I work and rather than have to see that new logo in my dock, I’ve replaced it with this pleasant alternative by Ronnie Johnson. If you’ve never replaced a logo on a Mac app, the process is pretty simple:

  • Right click on the Slack app in Finder.
  • Choose “Get Info”.
  • Drag and drop the .icns file onto the small icon in the upper-left of the “Get Info” window.

As for iOS, I stuck the Slack app deep inside of a folder and created a Shortcut to launch it with the “Open App” action. Then I added the Shortcut to my home screen using this image as the icon.

The biggest downside to this setup on iOS is that the notification badge now appears on the folder instead of the application itself. But I probably shouldn’t be launching the app too frequently outside of work hours anyway. And on iPhone, I can always force touch the folder to show a list of apps inside with notifications.

Google Gets a New Logo ➝

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve almost certainly seen Google’s new logo by now. My first impressions: I don’t like it. It looks like the logo for a children’s toy company. Although, that should come as no surprise given that their parent company is named Alphabet.