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On Lire’s Full-Text Extraction Tool ➝

Josh Ginter:

Lire is great — I love the adherence to iOS 11’s design language and how quickly it synchronizes and caches read and unread articles. My favourite little feature of Lire, like the other greatest apps on the App Store, are its sound effects. These are icing on an otherwise delightful design cake.

Lire’s aforementioned hallmark feature — that handy tool to extract the full text of an article to skip over that “Click here to read more…” chore — is exceptionally great and works like a charm. For anyone using Inoreader’s free tier, it even skips over those occasional Inoreader advertisements.

I glanced at Lire after Federico Viticci recommended the app, but for some reason, the design on iPad wasn’t to my liking. After reading Josh’s piece, though, I think I’ll give it a try. If only to see how the full-text extraction feature interacts with Initial Charge’s Linked List entries. Josh wasn’t happy with how Lire dealt with these types of posts — skipping the link publishers commentary and taking you straight to the linked page. But he does point out that the full-text feature can be turned off on a feed-by-feed basis.