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OS X Lion and Retina Displays ➝

MacRumors’ Arnold Kim reports that Lion users who have installed Xcode can enable “HiDPI” mode in the Quartz Debug application. This lays the groundwork for Retina displays in Macs.

Natural Scrolling ➝

Wonderful analysis of Natural Scrolling by J. Eddie Smith:

In iOS, we typically find new information at the top of ticker tapes. Any app that makes use of “pull to refresh” behaves this way.

On a desktop, we normally find new information at the bottom. For example you would scroll down to advance a PDF, word processing document, or email.

In both cases, down resulted in new. With natural scrolling, even though it’s physically equivalent to the behavior in iOS, down now results in old.

OS X Lion on the Mac App Store ➝

A little late to the party, I know. But if you haven’t upgraded to OS X Lion yet, doing so through this link will give me a small kickback and help support this site.

It’s funny, I keep seeing all of these OS X Lion reviews and none of them are from the perspective of a Windows or Linux user. To me, the only people who even care about a review of Lion are people who aren’t already using OS X. Those who do use OS X are going to upgrade at some point whether the reviews they read are positive or negative.

In my opinion, doing a review from the perspective of an OS X user that is any less than John Siracusa’s is just a waste of time. You’re better off just linking to his and spending that time to come up with interesting ideas to write about.

John Siracusa Reviews Mac OS X Lion ➝

The only Lion review you need to read.

List of Macs that support AirDrop ➝

The full list is located under the AirDrop heading on Apple’s Technical Specifications page for OS X Lion.

AirDrop is one of the few new features that I actually expect to use in Lion and my current main computer (2008 iMac) doesn’t support it. Luckily the two new Macs that I plan to use AirDrop on should be delivered sometime next week.

Farewell Front Row ➝

Chris Breen reminds us that OS X Lion does not include Front Row, and offers a possible solution. I spent the entire beta period wondering why no one mentioned Front Row in Lion. And, it wasn’t until a few days ago that I learned that Apple has removed Front Row from OS X.

What’s disappointing about this is that I am replacing my main computer — a 2008 iMac — with a MacBook Air and was planning on moving the iMac to the bedroom and using it as a media playback device. But, no Front Row means I have to either try Chris Breen’s solution or test out PlexBoxee, or XBMC.

I just really hope that I won’t have to downgrade to Snow Leopard just for its 10-foot interface.

Google Chrome Built for OS X Lion Will Take Time ➝

It’s not as if Google didn’t know Lion was coming — it’s been in beta for five months. Why isn’t it done yet?

Prepare Yourself for Lion ➝

Chaitanya Adgaonkar’s recommendations for preparing your Mac for a Lion upgrade. This is his most important recommendation:

For those who want to take extra precaution, we recommend that you use SuperDuper. SuperDuper will basically clone your hard disk as it is to an external hard disk. The SuperDuper backup is also fully bootable.

I suggest that everyone takes the “extra precaution.” A fully bootable backup is much better than a Time Machine backup. Getting back up and running quickly is invaluable when your upgrading your OS.

SuperDuper! really is a fantastic application and my favorite way to do bootable backups.