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Linky Adds Songlink and Songwhip Integration ➝

The latest update to Linky adds the ability to convert links from Apple Music or Spotify into a single URL that lets you open the track or album in a variety of music services. You’ll have to enable it in the app’s settings, but it’s worth it. And the settings page for the feature is brilliantly designed, offering an example link that lets you see what the two available services look like before choosing one.

Linky 5.0 Brings Better Sharing for Twitter on iOS ➝

Federico Viticci, writing for MacStories:

For the past nine months, I’ve been using Linky every day to tweet links and quotes from Safari and other apps. Unlike the built-in Twitter share extension, Linky comes with thoughtful touches such as highlighting for links and text that exceeds the 140-character count – if you share dozens of links on a daily basis, the convenience of details adds up, and Pragmatic Code found a good niche for Linky to thrive.

I’ve been using a combination of iOS’s built-in Twitter extension and Cite to share links, photos, and textshots to Twitter. But, Linky looks like a great, all-inclusive solution that has many of the niceties I’ve been hoping for.