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Lickability Announces PinpointKit ➝

Matthew Bischoff:

Starting today with our preview release, if you make an iOS app and want to collect annotated feedback from your testers or users, you can include the PinpointKit framework via Cocoapods or Carthage. Whenever the user shakes their device in your app, they’ll be presented with a fully customizable feedback sheet that can send annotated screenshots and feedback via email or straight to your bug tracker. They can add arrows, boxes and text, blur out sensitive information, and even include a full console log.

I recently joined a couple application betas and this would be an incredibly handy way to provide feedback for those developers.

Pinpoint ➝

The folks over at Lickability had voiced interest in purchasing Bugshot from Marco Arment. But, Marco didn’t have any plans to update the app in the future and decided to hand over the reins free of charge.

Since then, Lickability has been hard at work rewriting it from the ground up and the new version is available in the App Store now. It has a new name — Pinpoint — and some new features to boot. I especially like the addition of text annotations, which Marco says was by far the most requested feature.