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iPhone XS Pictured ➝

Guilherme Rambo, reporting for 9 to 5 Mac:

Earlier today Apple officially announced when and where it will hold its next big event. Apple’s September 12th event is expected to include the introduction of three new iPhones, and _9to5Mac _can exclusively share the first look at both new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones: the iPhone XS.

We believe that the new 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch iPhones will both be called iPhone XS. We also believe iPhone XS will come in a new gold color option not previously offered on the new design.

Word on the street is that these leaked from a test stream that Apple never expected anyone to be watching.

Apple’s Upcoming Hardware Refresh to Include Updated Cinema Display ➝

MacRumor’s Eric Slivka reports that Apple prematurely posted images to their website depicting an unannounced Cinema Display with Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt port on these new Cinema Displays will allow users to daisy chain two displays from a single Thunderbolt port on a compatible Mac.

As soon as these displays were leaked I priced out one of them with a Mac Mini and MacBook Air. I’m not sure if the Cinema Display will make it into the final purchase next week, but now I’m even considering two MacBook Airs and a Mac Mini instead of the Air, Mini, and Cinema Display. Apple sure has a way of making me change my mind at the last minute.

Minor MacBook Update Forthcoming ➝

The folks at Tinh Te have done it again. This time they’ve managed to get their hands on an unreleased MacBook. The new model, identified as MacBook7,1 sports a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and has the same Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM as the MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook also has the improved MagSafe connector that points the power cable towards the back of the notebook.

These are all solid improvements to the previous model and, at the same price of the current model, sounds like a decent deal as well. But, more interesting than the MacBook itself is the fact that these guys have managed to get their hands on two pieces of Apple hardware before their release. You just have to wonder how long it’ll take Apple to find the leak.

Another iPhone HD Prototype Leaked ➝

Engadget reports on another leaked iPhone HD. This time it comes from the “kids” at Taoviet. The definitive sourcing for this story seems a little sketchy. Although Engadget’s primary source is Taoviet, most the images here actually come from Tinh Te (they’ve also published a video). It’s difficult to tell who actually has access to the device.

A commenter on Engadget’s report has done some translation and it appears that these guys claim to have received access to it from a businessman that purchased it from an unnamed source for $4,000.

This prototype seems to be further along in production than Gizmodo’s device. The pair of screws on the bottom have disappeared, the design seems a bit cleaner, and the tear-down photos display what is believed to be an Apple A4 processor.

The device doesn’t boot into iPhone OS, instead booting into what appears to be a test routine called “Bonfire.” The device will show up in iTunes as an iPhone in recovery mode but shows an error when trying to restore it.

There’s not really anything new and exciting about this leak other than that it happened. It’s quite a curious situation — Apple has never lost a prototype device before (to my knowledge) and here we are with two of them turning up in the span of just one month.

More Thoughts on the Next-Gen iPhone Leak

There’s certainly a lot of information missing from today and yesterday‘s iPhone leak. Engadget and Gizmodo both claim that it was lost in a bar and Gizmodo says that they got their hands on it a week ago. John Gruber asserts that it was purchased about a week ago by Gizmodo from whoever “found” it, if this is the case than I would assume that the folks at Gizmodo could be in for some legal trouble. Buying a “found” device from someone is a major issue because (as Nilay Patel points out) in California the finder of a lost item is required to contact the police and return it to its owner.

The biggest question I have is was this device actually just found in a bar? It seems plausible but it’s also nearly as likely that the device was actually stolen (Apple considers it to be, as Gruber pointed out in the aforelinked piece). If this device was in anyway stolen and Gizmodo knows about it, I think they should come out and admit it. But, regardless of whether it was stolen, Gizmodo needs to explain themselves and speak more about how they actually got their hands on the device.

In the realm of conspiracy theory 9 to 5 Mac mentions that we already know about one fourth generation iPhone that was lost — the one that a Foxconn employee lost that lead to his death. I doubt that these are the same device but it makes you think a little bit more about the origins of this device. Could it have been stolen from Foxconn’s factory? Or maybe even Apple’s campus?

If Engadget knew this device was real, and that Gizmodo had it, why didn’t they admit it in one of their posts? If Apple was able to remotely wipe the device, why couldn’t they use “Find my iPhone” to retrieve it? I have a feeling many of these questions will be answered, but we’ll have to wait and see.